The Saga Continues

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After much enjoyment during the holiday weekend, I casually made my way to the mailbox after work today to find The Envelope. Yes, the much anticipated test result envelope that we’ve all been waiting for. Drum roll please… my cholesterol has dropped… ye of little faith. It dropped an entire point. One lone solitary point. Down to 232. 232 rhymes with woo and yes, I’m using a particular finger to indicate my one point drop.

The good news is that my doctor is not worried because my overall ratio of good vs bad is very good and not anywhere near the danger range. My HDL, which is the good one, has gone up since my healthy eating venture – from 76 to 81. My LDL, which is the bad, has gone down – 135 to 129. There obviously is something to this healthy eating since I’m going in the right direction. The progress just not what I’d like. BUT I have a benchmark now pre-30 day challenge so I have something to compare for my before and my after. I get a quick and dirty test again next week when I give blood.

The important thing is that for the very first time, I didn’t throw in the towel and celebrate my lack of progress with mountains of oreos, McDonald’s or anything else. I put on my shoes, took the dog for a walk as my warm up, and came back to a kick butt kettlebell workout with my new friend – the 20 lb kettlebell. Below is my workout. I did three circuits – no stopping all the way through the 9 exercises, rest a minute, then go again.

  • Rack squats
  • Swing cleans
  • High pulls
  • Bell swings
  • Reverse lunge pass throughs
  • Bell rows
  • Crunch twists
  • Overhead pull overs
  • Crunches

Afterwards I relaxed in my new blow up, hot pink rocking chair for the pool and floated around in the waves made by The Kid. All in all, not a bad day if I do say so myself.

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