Watch Out For Flying Weights

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I ventured into the gym this past weekend since I wanted to use the cables for my chest and tricep workout. It’s been a while since I mainly workout in my garage now that I’ve got the nice setup at home. I was feeling brave and decide to hit legs again while I was there. I know, crazy right?

The smith machine was calling my name and I wanted to really work my legs this week. They had two smith machines side by side so I jumped on one since the other was being used. I did a few warm up sets and then loaded up with what was a pretty heavy weight for me.

The goal was 7 – 10 reps. I realized around number 4 that 7 was going to be it most likely. At the bottom of the 6th rep, my neighbor somehow lost a 10 lb weight plate and it came rolling between my feet. He naturally could not wait till I was done to retrieve it, but had to get it right then. Mid-squat of mine. He was very apologetic and then it happened…

I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. It don’t know why it came off like that, ma’am.

Ma’am. If my feet weren’t otherwise occupied, I would have kicked him. It’s bad enough to be one of the few women in this area to begin with, and now I’m obviously the oldest. Sigh. I did manage to finish the 7 reps and impress myself with intense concentration. So watch out, apparently 10 lb plates are so light they just fly off when you least expect it. If you’re old, you’re in danger of hip breaking. 😉

pink glovesI’m still loving the strength intervals instead of plain old cardio. I mixed it up again this week between the two workouts below. The exercises are the same in both versions but the first one uses one side at a time. Doing unilateral workouts also helps work the abs a bit more since you have to balance yourself while working one side. As a side note. I need to get myself a pair of these gloves. Hot pink and crystal sparkles all on a pair of gloves. Pure joy!

5 Rounds for Time

  • One leg DB deadlifts x 9 each side
  • One arm DB snatches x 6 each side
  • One arm overhead DB squats x 3 each side

5 Rounds for Time

  • BB deadlifts x 9
  • BB snatches x 6
  • BB overhead squats x 3

Take that you young whippersnappers. I can run circles around most of you even at my advanced age. What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you in the gym? If you could get a pair of these Femme Fitale gloves, what color would you pick? I wish they came in purple. Maybe they’ll give me a pair to try out. 😉


  1. Tara @ Sweat like a Pig says

    I was called ma’am by the cashier at the grocery store on the weekend. I’m 22. And I live in Australia, where hardly anyone says ma’am. I was not impressed!!

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      OK, that is pretty bad. I think they should outlaw the word ma’am in all situations. Unless maybe you are obviously over 80. Then maybe. Definitely not at 22 and definitely not mid-squat when crawling at someone’s feet! 😉

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