Steak and Eggs with Grilled Green Onion Salad

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OK, confession time in the Quest House. I got a question the other night about how I decide how much of this and that to use in the recipes I throw together. I wanted to respond with some kind of culinary reasoning such as “you need to consider the flow of flavors” or “you have to balance the sensory experience in your meal for the best experience.”

Pure brilliance, huh? Well let me give you the real answer because I’m a real person who doesn’t have time to balance my sanity let alone the sensory experience of anything. I pick most of my ingredients based on what I have in the house already and how much is left in the jar or container. Believe it or not, most things you cook are pretty forgiving.

I ran out of plain almond milk and used part chocolate in my Dairy Free Quiche. You never would have known. I only had a few olives left in the jar so I had a random number in my Mediterranean Style Pasta. If I’d had more, I’d probably have used more. So when you see quantities like half a red pepper or 12 grape tomatoes, all it means is that I used the rest in a different recipe and that’s all I had left.

Shhhhh, pretend there’s a more exciting reason though. Keep this in mind when you’re making meals. Cooking is not exact. Play with it and have fun with what you’ve got in the house and what you like flavor-wise. This rule does not apply in baking so bakers beware. Baking can quickly go wrong and end up inedible.

Steak and Eggs with Grilled Green Onion Salad Steak and Eggs with Grilled Green Onion Salad

  • 6 oz london broil
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • 4 green onions
  • 1/2 large (approximately 1 cup sliced) sweet red pepper
  • 12 grape tomatoes, halved
  • 2 tsp fresh sage, chopped
  • 2 tsp fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1 Tbsp horseradish mustard
  • 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar

Cut the london broil into bite sized pieces and start your eggs to cooking. Preheat a grill or the broiler in your oven. Grill or broil your steak and onions. I grilled my steak pieces to medium rare and my onions until they had nice charred grill marks.

While the steak and onions are grilling, slice your red pepper and cut the tomatoes into halves. As I cut the, I dropped them into a bowl. Add the chopped herbs, mustard, and vinegar and toss to coat.

Divide the tomato and pepper salad onto plates, and top with the steak and grilled onions. Peel and slice the hard boiled eggs into halves and serve with the steak and salad.

Makes 2 servings at approximately 258 calories – 27g protein, 7g carbs, and 11g fat.


  • If you are serving more than 2 people, the recipe can easily be doubled, tripled or more. It takes the same amount of time to make multiple servings as it does for just 2 which is nice.
  • I used london broil, but you can use chicken or another cut of steak if you like.
  • I have a trick to making hard boiled eggs. I’m not even sure I know how to make them on the stovetop without resorting to google. I actually make them in my rice steamer. I simply fill the steamer with water, add a dozen eggs and steam for 30 minutes. No worrying about water boiling away or anything weird. I’ve had my steamer for about 15 years now and love it.

The salad was really great and simple to throw together. It tasted like it took effort though especially with the fresh herbs thrown in. You never would have guessed it took about 15 minutes to make. Now you know my secrets. It’s all about the illusion. 😉

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