Come What May – The Biggest Adventure Yet

Happy May, everyone! I often talk all the time on here about my adventures with The Kid and the crazy things we’re up to as well as post recipes. It’s not often that I post something emotional but today is a perfect occasion. You’d never know it to have a conversation with me now, but […]

Food, Zoo, Kite Flying, and Shopping Adventures Galore

The Kid and I had an amazing time in Austin, but it’s also nice to be back home to relax a bit too. Since we were there at the same time as the annual SXSW, there were people everywhere downtown so it was fun to just people watch and take in the sights. Austin is […]

The Case of the Insane Eyeball

We haven’t had much of a winter here in Texas this year. Combine that with hideous allergies and suddenly you have a recipe for disaster for those of us who suffer from pollen issues. For the past couple weeks, my left eye has been slightly itchy and had a little tiny red spot in it. […]

Christmas Is Definitely Done For The Year

Sunday means leg day at the Quest Household. Leg day typically takes me quite a bit of time and effort. I leave it for the weekend so I’m not rushed during my lunch hour. My lower half needs all the help it can get, so I’m not cutting my effort short just to get back […]

The Low Down On New Restaurant Adventures

Sometimes I wonder how two related people can be so un-alike. The Kid hates math while I love it. The Kid loves history and I’d rather a swift kick to the head. As part of my birthday list, I have a goal to try 20 new restaurants during this year.  I, personally, am thrilled with […]