The Devil Is In The Food Diary Details

Do you keep a food diary? Food journal? Tracker, log? You can call it whatever suits you but I highly recommend keeping one. All calories are not created equal and eating details go way beyond just the total number of calories that you eat in any given day. Food journals can help you on the […]

A Norwegian Spice And Recipe Adventure With RawSpiceBar

Do you get yourself a present for the holidays? I usually try to get a little something for myself for either my birthday which is just before Thanksgiving or for Christmas. Nothing major but a lipstick, pair of socks, or something in the under $10 range. Yes, I’m not just cheap with others. I’m cheap […]

How To Make The Ultimate Easy Dinner… In A Bowl

How do you get dinner on the table in about five minutes flat? We’ve all had those nights. It’s dark, cold, winter. We got stuck at work with something at the last minute. The kids are starving and have no problem telling you that you’ve starved them for hours. LOL. When this happens, I immediately […]

Snap, Crackle. Wait!

Some times you find out the strangest things by mistake. Since I’m always doing some crazy workout and I’m no spring chicken (cluck, cluck), I’m usually sore. The soreness varies and isn’t anything major even on the worst days. I walk funny after leg day. I snap, crackle and pop walking around. Meh, no big […]

Need Help Sleeping Better? There’s An App For That

Are you a morning person or more of a night owl? I guarantee you 100% that I’m not a night owl. I’ve never understood those kinds of people that go out to dinner or dates starting at 8 pm. Gah, I’m winding down with a book or magazine at that point, most likely in my jammies. I’m […]