People Are Often Surprised That Coaches Have Coaches

Some of you know my fitness journey (AKA the Accidental Fitness Quest). I started out years ago with a personal trainer because I had no idea what I was doing. I’d never worked out before and had no idea how to use anything in the gym. I could have used resources online or in magazines […]

Grip Power Pads Giveaway! (ENDED and Winner Announced!)

Some people like lifting “old school” and just use their bare hands or chalk. I’ve never liked doing that. Sometimes the friction of the barbell and dumbbell just hurts the skin on my palm. No one wants pain, not to mention that I really don’t like the idea of the skin toughening up. So I […]

Structure And Hard Work Ends In New Found Knowledge And Great Quads

When Darren first contacted me about my online training and nutrition program, I was excited for the opportunity to work with an experienced male lifter. His wife was a long term client of mine and he had seen the stellar results that she had, and he was interested in taking his training to the next […]

Have you tried online yoga yet?

Throughout my Fitness Quest, I’ve periodically given yoga a try. My Mom is a yoga teacher and has always talked about the benefits of it. Usually with some eye rolling from me. The first few times I tried it, I honestly didn’t really like it. I’m a Type A and it didn’t suit my personality. […]

21 Day Bootcamp Detox Challenge with

For the last few years, I’ve tried to incorporate yoga into my workouts at least once (if not twice) a week. It’s a great complement to lifting since lifting contracts the muscles and yoga stretches them out. ¬†At first, I hated it. I forced myself to go. I wasn’t bendy and it made my head […]