I Love Getting Presents, How About You?

Did Christmas come early to the Quest household? It just may have if you ask me! Last night I checked in with Trainer Man for my weekly weigh in, measurements, and workout. My eating was great last week and I kept my calorie burn pretty high with yoga and home workouts. My measurements were down […]

It’s Officially The Last Week of Project Bad A$$

Welcome to Week 10 of Project Bad A$$! This is the final week and the last ab update for a while. I’ve managed to put on a bit of muscle since starting 2 1/2 months ago. I definitely look more defined than before. Funny, I weigh more now than at the beginning. Goes to show you […]

Turning Points, Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Welcome to week 9 of the ab progress pictures. I survived Halloween week and managed to drop some body fat in the process. Not bad if I do say so myself albeit more than a tad surprising. Hopefully in the next week and a half I can drop just a bit more. Goal day is […]

Two Months Of Work – Diet Is Key!

Since yesterday was Halloween, I went to yoga instead of seeing Trainer Man. That way I was able to get home faster to take The Kid trick or treating. I didn’t have my body fat and measurements taken but I did take the updated progress picture. I’ve been faithfully taking the weekly pictures so I […]

I’ve Got Back And I’m Feeling It

It’s like that song Baby Got Back. Only I’m talking about my real back and not the back that Sir Mixalot was talking about. 😉 I’m feeling my back like you wouldn’t believe since I worked muscles there like I’ve not worked them before. Last night was a really rough workout in the beginning. I […]