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Check out what my clients have to say about my programs:

For anyone questioning if it’s worth it, it definitely is. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first. There are countless routines and plans that can be found online for free, what makes paying someone you may never end up meeting worth it? I had been lifting on my own for about a year and a half, albeit inconsistently. I tried crossfit, 5×5, several workout routines that promised to yield the best results. Part of my problem with making progress was the fact that I second guessed EVERYTHING. With so much information out there I always questioned whether this or that routine would be more effective. I’d see a new exercise and wonder if I should be doing that over whatever I was doing.

It’s a decision I debated heavily for several months before finally pulling the trigger and giving it a shot. I signed up for 12 weeks initially, and my only regret is the time I wasted debating it. In less than 12 weeks I began feeling and seeing muscles I never had in all the time I spent working out on my own. My strength increased faster than I ever thought possible. There were times I would look at my plan for the day, put the instructed weight on the bar then stand back and think “there’s no way I’ve got this.” I’d take a deep breath and prepare to fail only to find out that I could handle that weight for several reps. She had confidence in me when I didn’t. If I had questions, concerns or issues I’d message or email her and get a response almost immediately, more often than not. She would explain the science behind her answer rather than the “because I said so” I had heard from previous trainers.

Her answers were always detailed and she never made me feel silly or stupid for questioning this or that, and I certainly asked a billion and one questions in the beginning. I’d break down about the stress in my life and how it was affecting my workouts or my eating habits and she’d listen and offer support. She’s as much a therapist as a trainer. When she took the guess work out of my hands I started making real progress, and the fact that I was paying someone to program my workouts helped keep me consistent. Not all online coaches are created equal, but this one is worth far more than she charges. She goes above and beyond what most trainers in a gym would. If you’re considering it, stop and just do it. You won’t regret it.

– Meygan (Illinois, 27 years old, Online Training Client).

BTW, about Adrianne as a coach? She’s frickin’ AMAZEBALLS! Best coach I’ve worked with so far, regardless of venue (fitness coach, rehab coach, life coach, whatever). Listens, provides thoughtful insights and advice, puts together a workout program I’m actually trusting and enjoying, has a great sense of humor/personality, is a great motivator, you name it. Kudos for having her as part of your team!

– Jeannel (California, 47 years old, Online Training and Nutrition Client).

Since I began working with you my weight on the scale has shown little change but my clothes are fitting looser and differently. My body is changing.  I no longer feel the need to endure exhausting sessions of traditional cardio several times a week to achieve the body I desire.  I have learned that it is not the amount of time spent doing cardio that determines the look of my body. It is the decisions I make many times a day, the decision of what I eat and working a quality lifting program.  Today I am eating more calories than I have in a long time and my cardio involves activities that I enjoy, things that I look forward to doing, things that involve movement.

– Lynn (Alabama, 50 years old, Online Training and Nutrition Client). Read more about what Lynn has to say…

She has taken me out of my comfort zone and has taught me many new exercises that I am excited to continue doing! She also taught me that I am a lot stronger than I gave myself credit for – and it’s always so exciting to load that bar up with all those plates – because I know I would never have attempted on my own! Thank you Adrianne, from the bottom of my heart!

– Jenny (Canada, 30 years old, Online Training and Nutrition Client). Read more about what Jenny has to say…

You are doing an awesome job! Keep doing what you’ve been doing! Again, your services as a fitness trainer have been phenomenal. I’d do this process all over again with Adrianne!

– Meechie (Maryland, 45 years old, Online Figure Competitor Client). Read more about what Meechie has to say…

So I know I haven’t been a ‘model’ client and I basically eat my usual way (although I do try to get at least 80-90 grams of protein). I just wanted to tell you that I did EVERY obstacle during the Tough Mudder, including the rings and the monkey bars that go up at a slant, then back down! I could not do either last year! What a great accomplishment! I was actually pretty proud of myself and I wanted to say thank you!

– Amber (Minnesota, 33 years old, Online Training and Nutrition Client). Read more about what Amber has to say…

Before I started with you I was seeing my primary doctor and a trainer with the Y about not being able to lose weight even though I was working out. I was referred to an endocrinologist. Before I went to that appointment, I started working with you and had already lost weight. I realized maybe it wasn’t something medically wrong with me but just how I approached losing weight.

I took what I learned from you pre-pregnancy and applied it when we had to hold off on our sessions. I allowed myself to enjoy being pregnant, eat what I wanted, and do a lot of stretching and yoga moves. My baby was born at a healthy weight. I have kept off about 15-20 pounds since we first started together and weigh less 10 weeks postpartum than I did pre-pregnancy.

– Summer (Texas, 34 years old, Online Training and Nutrition Client). Read more about what Summer has to say…

I can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve helped me grow into a stronger, healthier, more confident person. I know if I have questions about anything, you’ll always be there for me and if I ever need help with my stuff again in the future, I know I can count on you for help. At first you were my trainer, but with everything you’ve done for me I know consider you a part of my family and a best friend. I owe everything I’ve been able to accomplish to you. I’ll always be grateful for what you’ve done for me and I’ll never forget it.

– AJ (Maryland, 21 years old, Online Training and Nutrition Client). Read more about what AJ has to say…

Adrianne’s a keeper for sure. She’s specific, relevant, real, straight forward yet kind, relatable and obviously speaks from life experience. I could seriously go on and on about her.

– Mandy (Arkansas, 35 years old, Online Nutrition Client).

I just want to say thanks! When I started this, I was wearing a size 11. I didn’t even wear jeans because it was depressing lol. Yesterday we had a meeting where workout clothes were not appropriate and I went in my drawer. I finally ended up going to a pair of skinnies in a size 6!! I almost died…  granted they are stretchy, but they didn’t look muffin toppy!

– Lisa (New Prague, MN)

It took me nearly a year… I hired an amazing personal trainer (Adrianne) who taught me how to eat and created my love for weight lifting. I didn’t drink crazy shakes, do any cleanses or join any cults. Though I did try to but the amazing Adrianne talked me down each time. I log my food for the most part, stay active and I make my health a priority. I changed my entire life and that doesn’t happen in 30-60 days or with any fad diet. I learned what works for me and if Outback for dinner one night makes me happy, I am going to do it.

– MP (Minnesota, 31 years old, Online Training and Nutrition Client). Read more about what MP has to say…

I have started to tell myself how proud I am of the work done so far! My belly has definitely gone down, my arms are stronger, I last longer on the bike, I’m completing my work outs and working out more steadily than I ever have in my life! Seriously, I’ve never worked out for 14 weeks straight. I am kind of starting to see glimpses of muscles every now and again!

My back/hip/knee pain has decreased probably by 60%. (A few months ago I couldn’t sit comfortably at work for more than an hour.) I think I have accomplished a lot since the beginning of 2015… All of this while working 60 hour weeks! I finished the 1st work out of the week and I am proud to say I did it ALL!!! All of the reps, all of the sets!! I actually texted my mom and told her about it.

– CS (Virginia, 33 years old, Online Training and Nutrition Client).

I could tell from the very beginning that you cared not only about my success in the GST program but about me as a whole person. I never expected to have my nutrition and workout coach know so much about me but I love that you genuinely cared about my whole person and not just my nutrition and fitness goals.

– Chelsie (Minnesota, Online Training and Nutrition Client). Read more about what Chelsie has to say…

I would just like to say, that this has really been life changing. It might sound dramatic – and I never thought that something like getting a coach and really reaching for my goal like this could ever give me these feelings that I have – but it has. I have always been comfortable and accepted my appearance so it wasn’t crucial for me to get fit or anything like that. It was just as much as setting a goal – being involved in a process that only focuses on me and my needs – my dreams.  Now I have a drive that doesn’t only come in the gym – but also at work and at home. I feel powerful I feel in control and I love it – it gives me things and feeling to pass on – and that’s an amazing thing to have! It might just look like it’s all on the outside – but the magic is happening inside – my butterflies in my heart are not only flying around anymore – they sparkle now….. like diamonds.

– Tine (Denmark, International Client). Read more about what Tine has to say…

As a ‘virtual trainer’ Adrianne has been wonderful to work with.  I feel like I know her even if I have never met her in person.  The program she set up for me gives me flexibility and control of my nutrition and helps me build physically with very do able weight and exercise routines.  Having her there for support and accountability have been huge!  Thank  you!!

– Patrice (Minnesota, Online Training and Nutrition Client). Read more about what Patrice has to say…

Adrianne, you are an absolute joy to work with.  Any questions or concern I had you quickly answered or gave advice on.  You have taught me how to take of myself without having to buy into any crazy programs or gimmicks.  You have equipped me with the tools and rules I need to use to continue my journey.   Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

– Darren (South Dakota, Online Training and Nutrition Client). Read more about what Darren has to say…

I know that we have just a few days left, and I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you!  I have learned so much from you! I’m going to continue to follow the program and keep in mind all of the great bits of information and ideas you have shared.

– Maryann (Virginia, Online Training and Nutrition Bikini Competitor Client). Read more about what Maryann has to say…

Adrianne is an amazing trainer. I started her online program wanting to lose around 10 pounds and gain some muscle over the course of a couple of months, not knowing where to really start on my own. I felt like I was relatively fit, but just couldn’t seem to shake the extra weight and have never been able to really tone-up well. To my surprise, in just the first four weeks I lost a total of 8 pounds (which was more than we were planning for). I saw a noticeable difference in my strength, I could see tone developing all over my body, and I lost several inches off both my waist and hips. Moreover, I used to despise going to the gym. I felt out of place – I really didn’t know what to do and I just hated the thought of having to enter the weight room. Now I feel incredibly confident and actually look forward to my gym workouts to see how much I can improve from the last time! I also like the fact that I can do some workouts at home with just my own body resistance, which saves me time during the week and keeps me from making excuses to not workout.

The hardest part for me was the change in diet and eating habits. I struggled when I had to minimize my two favorites: carbs and sweets. But after that first week it got a lot easier. Adrianne was there to coach me through the cravings, share my successes with me, and got me past some of my slip-ups with words of encouragement. I didn’t ever feel like I was on a diet, it was more a matter of me learning what and when to eat to help bring me back to a healthier lifestyle. I felt the results of the cleaner eating immediately and that combination of nutritional advice and workouts helped get me where I wanted to be much faster than I anticipated.

Over the course of a few weeks I’ve learned a lot about how to workout, what to eat, and when to change up my routines. I feel motivated by both the energy I get from my customized program and by the successes I’ve already seen in my body and overall health. I’m actually looking forward to the next workouts she has designed for me and I highly recommend Adrianne as a trainer or just an overall motivator! The online program is affordable, it’s customized (tailored to you and your lifestyle not just some generic template), and it’s just nice to know you have someone checking in on your progress who you feel a sense of accountability to.

Carrie (Highland Village, TX)

When I ran across Adrianne’s site and was fortunate enough to participate in her 4 week coaching program, my life was turned around! I’ve been working out now 6 days a week – in my own home and can totally see a difference. The past few days I’ve missed my workouts, but only because I’ve been down with a cold and runny on empty chasing my toddler around while my hubby is out of town. But believe me, I will be back ASAP!

– Susan (Seattle, WA)

You’ve got a great website and I will keep coming back for your latest recipes.  They definitely make eating clean and healthy tastier!

– Kelly (Round Rock, TX)

What I love is that you advocate for SAFE practices and you give practical advice. I want to hear what I need to know, not what I want to hear. I was one of many women who thought you could just jump right into a figure prep and paid a coach who didn’t tell me what I needed to hear (which was that I didn’t have enough muscle mass). Now I am taking a year to build a good base before I start a prep. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

– Beth (Online Fitness Competitor)

I hope you’re next! If you have any questions about working with me one on one with my Online Coaching Programs, please contact me at adrianne [at] GrowthStimulusTraining [dot] com.