Chelsie Testimonial – Online Training and Nutrition Client

chelsie_npc_battleatthefallsUpdated in as of June 2016:

Chelsie continued her GST journey and began working in January 2016 towards her goal of competing in a figure competition. She competed in NPC’s Battle At The Falls and took 3rd place in her class. She’s currently off season and enjoying her time off as she considers a Spring 2017 show.

Chelsie is an online training and nutrition client located in Minnesota. Read what she has to say about working with me and the results she’s gotten through her Growth Stimulus Training experience and nutrition program. She’s currently following a training and nutrition program to lean out while maintaining her muscle, improve her strength, and perfect her physique.

Chelsie’s Before and After pictures span a 10 1/2 week timeframe and show what is possible to achieve with the right nutrition and a proven program to retain, or even build muscle, while dieting. In the 16 weeks that I’ve worked with her, she’s leaned up and is down almost 21 lbs. Her dietary and workout compliance is spot on and paying off with a gorgeous pair of arms and a physique to be proud of .

1. What’s one thing that you’d like me to start doing?

Adrianne – you are doing and have done everything I could have ever hoped for in a coach/client relationship. You have been amazing and though we have never met face to face I feel like I’ve known you forever!

2. What’s one thing that you’d like me to stop doing?


3. What’s one thing that you’d like me to keep doing?

Just keep being the amazing coach that you are! I love the nearly instant feedback/response to questions or struggles and even success. Keep it up!

4. Can you describe any reservations that you had before we started working together?Chelsie Testimonial

I had been referred to GST by a friend working with Ryan Miller and when he said he was going to have someone else coach me I was worried that I wouldn’t get the full GST experience. I have no idea what it would have been like to work with
Ryan but I can honestly say that I am so glad he assigned me to you!! I love working with another female!

5. Can you explain how I was able to help you with your reservations?

I could tell from the very beginning that you cared not only about my success in the GST program but about me as a whole person. I never expected to have my nutrition and workout coach know so much about me but I love that you genuinely cared about my whole person and not just my nutrition and fitness goals.

6. Can you describe your 1-2 top goals when you started?

  1. To lean out my lower half.
  2. To see a certain number on the scale.

7. Can you list your achievements with training thus far?

  • Fat loss
  • Lean upper AND lower body
  • Improved mentality about my food
  • I am having SO MUCH FUN with the different food combinations.
  • I have gained the confidence I needed to wear just a swim suit without a cover-up 😉
  • I love the challenge of increased weights in the gym and finding that I can do it!

8. Is there anything else at all that you’d like to add?

Working with Adrianne has been a dream come true and as long as someone is ready to dedicate themselves to long term health and wellness they will be 100% successful with Adrianne as their coach!!

– Chelsie, 31 years old, Minnesota

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