MP Testimonial – Online Training and Nutrition Client

MP Before and AfterMP is an online training and nutrition client located in Minnesota that first contacted me because she was interested in getting back in shape. She wanted to be “strong and fit” to quote her, but she didn’t have a gym membership and needed home workouts. I created her nutrition program based on her goal to lose weight and designed a training program that used the equipment that she already had on hand – exercise bands, a couple dumbbells, and a stability ball.

We focused on bodyweight movements, using the bands, and incorporated intervals as well to improve her cardio conditioning as well as increase her calorie burn. At first she struggled even getting through the first few workouts, so we adjusted a bit and I kept in close contact with her on her exertion levels. We modified variations as needed and MP started to see weekly improvements in the number of reps she did or the variation that she was able to move up to.

MP has a young son at home who began to join in on her workouts. She would print her workout log and he would write down the number of reps she did each time. After a bit, he started joining in and printing his own workout log to track his reps. That’s a picture of his log below. I even put together a few workouts with him in mind, and they did bear crawls and crab walks in their backyard. LOL, look out for the dogs joining in on the fun as well.

Workout-LogI still remember the moment when MP messaged me almost a year ago to ask if I thought she could do an obstacle race. I knew that she could, but I had to really work to convince her it was possible. Since then, she did one and did it well. She also saw her strength increase so much that she joined a nearby gym to workout there instead of having to keep buying bigger and bigger weights for home. I created her gym-based program for her goals and that’s when she really took off.

She’s kicked butt in the gym, lifted like a beast, AND she no longer messages me to ask if I think she can do something. I get messages that she’s already done it. I live for things like that and she makes make so proud of all she’s achieved. Not just in the gym but in the confidence she now has in herself.

I often have clients ask about cleanses and other weight loss tricks and MP was no different than many of us. These things boil down to a waste of money and time, and I give my honest opinion. The basics of eating in moderation, moving regularly and including resistance training and a variety of activities work. You don’t need exhausting workouts. You don’t need fancy supplements or shakes. You don’t need magic tricks.

I think MP says it best,

“It took me nearly a year… I hired an amazing personal trainer (Adrianne) who taught me how to eat and created my love for weight lifting. I didn’t drink crazy shakes, do any cleanses or join any cults. Though I did try to but the amazing Adrianne talked me down each time.
I log my food for the most part, stay active and I make my health a priority. I changed my entire life and that doesn’t happen in 30-60 days or with any fad diet. I learned what works for me and if Outback for dinner one night makes me happy, I am going to do it.” – MP, 31 years old, Minnesota

I can’t wait to see where she goes from here. The results pay off with habits that last a lifetime, not short term diet misery and jumping around like a crazy person daily in the gym. You can read more about me and my journey or see what other clients have to say about me.

If you want to work on your own transformation, let me know at and we can talk about your goals.