Tine Testimonial – Online Training and Nutrition Client

Tine Testimonial

Tine is an online training and nutrition client located in Denmark. Read what she has to say about working with me and the results she’s gotten through her Growth Stimulus Training experience and nutrition program. She’s currently following a training and nutrition program to build lean muscle, add to her strength, and improve her physique.

She’s a soldier by profession and frequently works long days, several days a week running drills while sleeping in a tent in a snowy field. She manages to fit in her meal prepping as well as her workouts, and her efforts are clearly paying off with her increased muscle.

1. What’s one thing that you’d like me to start doing?

You do everything. 🙂 I don’t need more than what you’re already giving me.

2. What’s one thing that you’d like me to stop doing?


3. What’s one thing that you’d like me to keep doing?

I would like you to do exactly what you are doing. 🙂 I’m already getting much more than I could ever have hoped for in a personal coach. It has been nothing less than a fantastic experience so far! And I actually had concerns about getting a coach – because well, people believe and do things very differently and if you’re not a nutrition and training specialist, all you can do is find someone who you understand, who understands you. One you feel that you can trust, one who can take you believes and your outlook on things and combine them with there’s – plus inspire you beyond your own routines, imagination and believes.  Adrianne has been a perfect match to be the guide for my journey and goals.

4. Can you describe any reservations that you had before we started working together?

I had two concerns when I started looking for a coach. I’m a professional soldier which means that I don’t have an 8 hour work day everyday – I have to be away a lot.

I was worried that I would get a trainer who would tell me that if I didn’t follow my program – every day on the dot… plus eating right 100% every day every hour – well then I would never succeed. I’m doing everything that I’m told to do but sometimes I can’t – and I get behind! But it’s working anyway – my progress has been amazing and it’s sustainable.

My second concern was that I would have to eat a lot of supplements – like pre-workout, burners, casein and all that stuff. Now I take some vitamins and some aminos – just because it has a fruity fresh taste and its better than soda – then I drink some protein – only because it’s easier and a light supplement instead of eggs and chicken all day 😉

5. Can you explain how I was able to help you with your reservations?

When I started I was so excited. And I was asking a lot of questions because I wanted to do good – from the start. The way you helped me with my concerns – was by being as friendly, warm and easy going as you always are. I felt like that no question or concern was too big or small for your opinion. I felt very understood and welcome – even over email 🙂 – you are light :-)!

6. Can you describe your 1-2 top goals when you started?

  1. Gaining strength
  2. Getting more volume. Bigger muscles 🙂

7. Can you list your achievements with training thus far?

  • gained a lot of strength than my starting point.
  • my overall appearance has improved, I’m more toned and I’m Bigger :-)!
  • my muscle endurance is much better
  • my skin looks much healthier
  • for the first time in my life I love my legs and I’m wearing shorts – over my knees :-)! And I’m far from done so it’s gonna be awesome.
  • In general I’m feeling more powerful – mentally! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and my life!

8. Is there anything else at all that you’d like to add?

I would just like to say, that this has really been life changing. It might sound dramatic – and I never thought that something like getting a coach and really reach for my goal like this could ever give me these feelings that I have – but it has.

I have always been comfortable and accepted my appearance so it wasn’t crucial for me to get fit or anything like that. It was just as much as setting a goal – being involved in a process that only focuses on me and my needs – my dreams.  Now I have a drive that doesn’t only come in the gym – but also at work and at home. I feel powerful I feel in control and I love it – it gives me things and feeling to pass on – and that’s an amazing thing to have! Its might just look like it’s all on the outside – but the magic is happening inside – my butterflies in my heart are not only flying around anymore – they sparkle now….. like diamonds :-).

– Tine, 27 years old, Denmark

To find out more about working together and what we can achieve, email me at adrianne@growthstimulustraining.com. Assessments are always free.