Have you ever been hungry and lazy at the same time?

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Before MixingHave you ever been hungry and lazy at the same time? Would you call it hungazy? Lungry? This was me the other night. I was hungry and needed to eat, but I was also tired and had no desire to heat anything up. I strolled to the kitchen, grabbed a bunch of random stuff that looked interesting, and mixed up a concoction.

I was eating it and thought “Hmmmm, this tastes really familiar.” I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it was dang good. Great, even. Then it hit me. What I was eating tasted just like brownie batter!!!! I hadn’t had brownie batter in so long. Now granted, I was “lungry” so my senses were not at their best.

I decided to repeat the experiment again last night, just in case the first try was a fluke. Nope, brownie batter. I squealed at my discovery. Guess what I’m having again tonight before bed? 😉

Brownie Batter Surprise

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 Tbsp Hershey’s Special Dark baking cocoa
  • 1-2 splashes coconut water

After MixingPut the protein powder, coconut oil, and baking cocoa in a bowl. Add a small splash of coconut water and stir to mix. You’re aiming for brownie batter consistency so splash slowly or you’ll end up with a watered down version. I think I used about 1/8 cup coconut water total. Serves 1, but I wasn’t planning to share any way.

The protein powder that I used was one that has a mix of protein and carbs. I didn’t try this with a low carb protein powder so I’m not sure how that would turn out. If you try with a low carb protein powder, let me know what you think. I also used the Special Dark cocoa since I use that when baking but you can use regular baking cocoa too.

I can’t say it looks appetizing but taste is what counts in my book. I’ve tried some weird things before that turned out surprisingly well. A baked sweet potato with greek yogurt and peanut butter comes to mind. That was another tasty morsel.

What’s the strangest concoction you’ve come up with that turned out great? Sometimes it pays to be lazy.

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