If You’re Going To Fight, Hopefully It’s A Cupcake War!

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I was off yesterday and was surfing around video on demand when I happened across the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. How on earth have I managed to have missed this gem until now?! If there is one edible thing in the entire world that I love, it’s cupcakes. I admit it. I could eat cupcakes with every meal for the rest of my life and never get tired.

On death row, my last meal would be as many cupcakes as I could cram down. They had unique cupcakes in the episode that I watched – a corn dog cupcake with cut up hot dogs and a nacho cheese buttercream with ketchup drizzle. Holy cow! If you could have seen it. I then came up with my own pizza cupcake – a pepperoni creation with a mozzarella, ricotta buttercream and sundried tomatoes on top.

I digress, but now all I can think about is making cupcakes. Last week I brought you the three minute chocolate cake. I’ve also made small batches of cupcakes and cookies for you in the past. Maybe I can concoct some fancy cupcake war type cupcakes but in a 2 – 4 batch size! That can be my thing! Yes, I’m pretty much delirious right now at the thought.

Golden BeetsI went to a foodie grocery store today in search of candy beets since I couldn’t have cupcakes. Unfortunately the closest I could come up with were golden beets. I roasted them tonight and tossed them with navel orange segments for a side dish. They had oranges on sale in case you hadn’t guessed.

The blend of the beet flavor with the sweetness of the oranges was really great! I wish now that I had bought more. The golden beets were perfect because they didn’t stain my fingers, cutting board and everything else they came in contact with like regular beets. I never used to like beets at all but for some reason now I do. I even toss beets on my salads at a salad bar… by choice. 😉

This week I treated The Kid to another fast and furious dessert surprise. She gobbled this one down too. It was even easier and faster to make than the Three Minute Chocolate Cake!

One Minute BrownieOne Minute Brownie

  • 1 Tablespoon each of flour, cocoa powder, brown sugar, vegetable oil, and water
  • Dash of vanilla
  • Dash of salt

Mix all of the ingredients in a mug until blended. Try to keep the batter at the bottom of the mug when mixing and not all up the sides or your brownie will be pretty thin when done. Microwave for 1 minute. Again I have an ancient 850 watt microwave.

If you have a newer, more powerful one you may only need 30 seconds or so. The brownie will be dry to the touch on top but not crispy when done. I popped mine out of the mug with a spoon and put it on a plate for The Kid but feel free to eat it right out of the mug.

Drizzle with chocolate syrup and enjoy! Have you seen Cupcake Wars? Could you survive on just cupcakes?

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