Stiff Legs, Hot Yoga, and Chocolate Rewards

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dark chocolateI was so excited about my recipe yesterday that I forgot to update you guys on my gym adventure! Grab a chair because you’re going to need to sit down for this. I did my very first workout in a gym alone. Not just any workout but a kick butt LEG workout. The hardest of them all.

My trainer wrote out a workout for me while he was on vacation, but he purposely made it lighter than usual since he knew I was worried about going it alone without a spotter. I decided to not take the easy way out and used a workout from a few weeks back. It was tough but I got through it with flying colors.

I was the only girl in Man Land too and I lifted heavier with better form than most of them. Ha! I must have done it right and heavy enough because I’ve been walking stiffly since, and my upper back and shoulder muscles are sore from the bar.

Yesterday was also my first adventure in hot yoga. I signed myself and The Kid up for a 10 classes in 10 days for $10 intro. We took Intro Class A today for people who had never done hot yoga before. Man, was it hot in that room. Huh-OTTTT!

I’m typically pretty bendy and flexible but the leg workout kinda threw a wrench in that. It was fun and I definitely felt accomplished afterwards for having done it. I sweated so much that my shorts and shirt felt like they had grown in size and were hanging off of me at the end. Back at it today for take 2. I’m not sure I’m going to make all 10 classes but I’ll try my best.

coconut oil and chocolate

Coconut Oil, Baking Cocoa, Sugar

In honor of hot yoga and solo workouts, I’m giving you a surprise recipe for homemade dark chocolate. If you like those expensive dark chocolate bars, you’re going to love the cheapness and simplicity of this. I got a major tub of coconut oil at Walmart for $3 and paid about the same for generic baking cocoa. For $6, you can make tons of chocolate heaven.


Chocolate on the Cheap

  • 1/4 cup unsweetened baking cocoa
  • 4 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/2 Tbsp sugar (or to taste)

melted chocolateMix the coconut oil and baking cocoa in a bowl. Since it’s summer, my coconut oil was pretty soft but you may have to melt it a bit if yours is solid. Add in the sugar and mix well. It will be the consistency of melted chocolate. (Duh!) You can either spoon it into chocolate molds and refrigerate to be fancy. I got a chocolate mold at the craft store for $1.

Or you can just scrape down the sides of the bowl and refrigerate it into a block right in there. I broke off pieces and snacked on it this week. Warning: It’s pretty melty if the weather is hot so don’t leave it out. Not an issue for me. Break piece off, bite and gone!

Play around with the sugar amount if you like it sweeter. You can also add in shredded unsweentened coconut, nuts, raisins, and so on. I’m going to give milk chocolate a try with powdered milk to see if I can do a milk chocolate version.


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