A Day Of Meals For Busy Days

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This week is a weird week for everyone. We finished one holiday and it’s that not quite a “real” week before the next, but we at least need to give the illusion that we’re putting effort in at work. We’re busy making New Year’s plans. We’re probably tired of leftovers. We’ve got stuff on our To Do List and there isn’t a lot of time to put into making breakfast lunch and dinner.

You may be tempted to say “Meh, I’ll start meal planning and eating better after New Year’s.” You actually don’t have to wait. It doesn’t take a lot of effort. You have to eat between now and then anyway, so you may as well eat fun stuff that tastes good. That fun stuff can be easy to throw together ahead of time. Here’s an idea of what I’d do:

Chocolate Pumpkin Overnight Oats

Whip up a batch of overnight oats. It doesn’t have to be pumpkin chocolate. I love blueberry vanilla, chocolate coconut, strawberry chocolate. You get the idea. You can make a few batches in jars or plastic containers. Grab one and a spoon, and you’re all set. I’ve even taken them on road trips.

Chocolate Pumpkin Overnight Oats

Vietnamese BBQ Pork Salad

Salads are my simple go-to lunch solution. I chop a bunch of veggies on the weekend and keep them in the fridge. While I’m doing that, I have meat grilling outside. You can even take an easier route and buy pre-cut veggies and cooked meats in bags at the grocery store.

Lunch is a matter of tossing both together and adding a flavor like an Asian combo. Rice noodles are a major time saver since they simply need to sit in hot water for a couple minutes and they’re done. Soak them while you toss your veggies.

Vietnamese BBQ Pork Salad

Mexican Lasagna

Casseroles and lasagnas save a ton of time. You bake them ahead of time and get several meals out of them. They don’t have to be calorie bombs either. Throw together a Mexican Enchilada Lasagna, add a side of steamed veggies or a salad, and dinner is served.

Mexican Enchilada Lasagna

Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Mugcake OR Baked Coconut Oatmeal Cookie

The day wouldn’t be complete without dessert. If you’ve seen my What I Eat Wednesday adventures on Facebook, you know that I have dessert every night without fail.  It’s a hard choice on what I’d have. The dark chocolate cookie dough mugcake is pretty good if I’m in the mood for chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Mugcake with Cookie Dough Filling

If I’m feeling more vanilla, I’d go with the oatmeal cookie… with a drizzle of chocolate.

Baked Coconut Oatmeal Cookie

So there you have it. A complete day of eating with lots of flavors, but not a lot of time or calories. Throw a few together ahead of time, you’re set for a couple days. No ordering take out, grabbing drive thru, or going hungry. Quick and easy meals to the rescue while you enjoy the week with family and friends.

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