Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?

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chocolate milkshake

The Kid has no problem cheating

Cheating is something that is recommended when you’re on a relatively low carb diet because it shocks your body and replenishes your carb stores. This prevents your metabolism from slowing down and keeps you performing at your best. Everything that I’ve been reading says that I should have a cheat meal (not day!) about every 7 – 10 days.

There are different terms for this kind of meal – cheating, reward meal, refeed, etc. Cheating is supposed to involve mostly carbs and contain enough calories to take you over your typical daily amount. Not a huge 3,000 calorie meal blow out but about 500 calories over the usual. I need to get better at it because my first attempt was pretty sad. In my defense this was my first try and old habits sometimes die hard.

I planned out what I wanted – a hot fudge sundae from Sonic that rings in at 492 calories. No nuts, because I’m a sundae purist and don’t want nuts ruining the fudgey experience. I hate nuts in my brownies too. Bleh! I picked day 10 for the cheat day and was all set to go at it. Unfortunately it fell on leg day for me which is a day with a huge calorie burn.

My goal numbers right now are to eat 1800 and burn 500 each day which nets at 1300 if you do the math. Unfortunately I ended up burning 1016 between leg day and running with Thing Two. I ate my typical stuff the rest of the day, but even throwing in the extra 492 calories it put me at 1264 net. Sigh, my cheat day ended up a normal day with the exception of extra carbs. Fail.

I was mentally thrilled to get a hot fudge sundae. It was the best dang sundae I’ve had in a long long time and completely worth it. I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday and look more ripped than I ever have in my life. Trainer man told me that I looked carb depleted and flat. So one woman’s ripped and buff is another man’s depleted and flat. Ha! He needs a new dictionary. 😉

He told me to go ahead and hit the carbs tomorrow night. No argument there, I’m a gonna do it. Sometimes you have to just take one for the team. My goal this time is to actually have that bump in calories to take advantage of the cheat. I can’t decide if I want another sundae though. Maybe a slice of chocolate cake! Sonic also has a limited edition pumpkin pie milkshake. I have to google up the calories in that bad boy.

What would you cheat with? I need suggestions.

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