When Given A Choice, Choose The Cupcake!

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cupcakeI love cupcakes! No, seriously. If I was in a bakery and could choose from a slice of cake and a cupcake, the cupcake always wins. There’s just something about them. Clearly I’m one of those people that the cupcake marketers capitalize on. Dang, that’s embarrassing. Oh well. 😉

Since I finished up the Whole30 on Thursday, I wanted to celebrate with a cheat. Not a huge, jump back into the old eating habits cheat that lasts for a while. But a meal that the average, non caveman society member would eat. I ate Whole30 all day yesterday up to a lighter than usual afternoon snack. Then I ate a completely non-paleo meal for dinner.

Pepperoni pizza (not the whole pizza!), a cute sprinkled cupcake, and ice cream. The cheat meal was interesting this time since I tried to pay attention to what I wanted to eat and what tasted good instead of just eating junk because I could. I decided if I was going to cheat, it was not going to be mindless. I wanted to taste and enjoy every bite so that it actually satisfied me.

The pizza was incredible. I opted for the little square slices of deep dish pepperoni. That was really the best part of the meal. We stopped at the grocery store for dessert. Another cheating rule (for lack of a better word) that I try to follow is to not buy more than I’m going to eat right then. If I buy a single cupcake, then there aren’t any sitting here if I’m struck the next day with a sugar craving.

ice creamI’m not falling for the “I’ll just freeze the other five and be fine” mindset anymore. Those suckers will quickly be eaten if I know there in there. So one cute little sunny cupcake was purchased. AND do you know what they have now?! Teeny tiny little Ben & Jerry’s ice creams! They were 3.6 oz sized and fit in my palm. Talk about perfection. I no longer have to fear eating a whole pint of Cherry Garcia or Americone Dream.

I felt like Gulliver with my little cake and ice cream, but it was the perfect amount. Next time though I may stop by a real cupcake bakery and get a better tasting cupcake. This one was clearly grocery store quality. I’m spoiled because I can whip up a mean batch up cupcakes and lesser quality doesn’t cut it. I have to figure out how to divide my recipe by 24 so the cheat cupcake doesn’t have friends with him.

It will be a while before my next cheat. I have to admit I have a bit of a carb hangover today in the form of a headache. That should quickly leave once I burn this off with my epic, carb fueled workout this morning. The Kid and I are also painting her room this weekend.

Do you have cheat rules to keep your cheats under control or do you have more self control than I do? And tell me, cupcakes or cake slice. Do you have a preference like me? 🙂


  1. Whenever we make sweets we take the leftovers over to a friend’s house or to work so that we only eat what we should. I often buy only single servings for treats. I like both cupcakes & cake it just depends on my mood!

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      That’s a good idea to take the leftovers to someone else. I’ll do that next time. Plus it would thrill my co-workers for sure. Surprise cupcakes for no reason. Great idea!

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