Do I Really Want To Be Normal?

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It was a rough day and my mind wasn’t in it. I posted the following message on Twitter yesterday that I just wanted to eat like a normal person. Thankfully several Tweeps swooped in with motivation for me and a pep talk to not do it. I didn’t.


I’m usually not frustrated like this, but there was a lunch that I didn’t go to. I’ve been really careful with my eating since starting Project Bad A$$ and I don’t want to risk falling off the wagon only a couple weeks in. I’m one of those who can’t even have dressing brought out on the side because I’ll unconsciously dip. I want to fit in with others. Argh!

What I realized during the subsequent tweets was that I didn’t really want to eat like a normal person. I wanted to feel like a normal person while others ate around me. This is typically the reason behind me not going to lunches or dinners with people that I don’t know very well. My friends are the exception to this and accept me that way I am without question.

People often make comments about the way I eat. Sometimes the comments are more of pity of what I subject myself to, but many times bordering on what I’d call rude. I sometimes find myself apologizing for what I’m about to order to soften the blow to them. I don’t make my choices to make them feel bad. Quite the opposite, I make my choices to make myself feel good!

At restaurants, I don’t order from the menu. I get a plain grilled chicken breast with either a couple plain side salads or a couple sides of steamed broccoli. If I do happen to order something from the menu, it’s heavily customized and pretty much at risk to be sneezed in by the waitstaff. BUT I eat normal food, just not breaded, coated or sauced.

I’ve tried going the route of having just an iced tea or water while others eat, but that’s frowned upon too and commented on. I get a lot of “Just get a healthy salad… Live a little… Just once won’t hurt.” Thus to make things easier all around, I tend to not go to lunch and I’m usually happy with my choice. It just happened to be a moment in which it got to me.

chicken with potatoes and broccoliIt makes me wonder why people like me are such an anomaly in society. Are we really that rare that we deserve poking at and examining? I’d never dare to comment or critique someone eating a dressing, cheese, and fat laden “healthy salad”. I can only imagine the outrage if I pointed out that a heavy person really should eat a grilled chicken breast instead of pounding down the hot fudge sundae.

Why is it fair game to do this to healthy eaters? Is it really that gluttony loves company as a Tweep said? Am I unknowingly making them self conscious about their choice in food? Seems easy enough to let me order first and then say “I’ll have what she’s having.” If you’re out and notice someone having just a water while everyone is eating, give them a knowing nod for me and then make sure to order the chicken breast and broccoli.

There really needs to be more of us clean eaters. The health of society depends on it. What are your thoughts on why people make comments about what others are eating? Has this happened to you?


  1. Donloree says

    Too funny and too true! I can’t ever imagine going on and on about someone’s choice of pizza, wings, and fries…yet I am constantly harassed about my food choices. It used to really bother me, but now I don’t really care. 🙂 I have found coming up with answers beforehand really helps. For instance that innocuous question, “Why don’t you just live a little?” usually gets a “Oh, I live more that just a little and this meal helps me do just that.” I say it nicely and smile because it is the truth. No barb or bite, just the facts. Hard to argue with that. 😀

    You’re doing awesome, keep up the good work.

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      I’m working to reach the point where I don’t care. I do need to rehearse what I’ll say ahead of time instead of apologizing. My food is usually dang good! I’ll just announce that to them next time. Or make loud yummy noises the entire meal while I eat. Heeee!

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