Halfway Through My Whole30 Challenge And Going Strong

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Today is officially Day 17 of my Whole30 challenge. Yes, I know it’s a random number of days to post an update but it’s Friday so it seemed to work in my mind. Plus I had so much to say to you earlier this week that there wasn’t room to update you.

Last week I had some issues with cravings but I rode them out and didn’t give in. I am so shocked that I’ve been able to do this given my history and love for all things sugar. Not once have I strayed or seriously wanted to cheat. Honestly it hasn’t been that difficult to do this. I’ll trade my coffee creamer and cookies for bacon wrapped shrimp and bunless burgers just about any day.

Progress Pic January 2012I’m definitely noticing a change in my body and muscle definition. My arms and abs are more defined and looking much better. I checked in with Trainer Man this week and I’ve dropped 1% body fat. The rules of Whole30 say to not weigh or measure yourself during the 30 days. I stay off the scale during the week but it’s just standard process with my trainer so I’m bending the rules for that purpose.

I’m still noticing little things about my eating that never would have occurred to me before this challenge.

  • When I put pasta in a bowl for The Kid, I would grab a pinch of spaghetti here or there for me. No bowl, just a pinch of pasta and slurp. My fingers now stay out of her pasta.
  • When The Kid and I ate out for dinner, I would treat myself to a couple french fries or tater tots from her dinner. No more fries or tots.
  • I would eyeball things like almond butter or coffee creamer. High fat/calorie things should probably not be eyeballed. I now measure my almond butter so that I know how much I’m eating.
  • I see things like pizza, cake, donuts and suddenly I crave things like pizza, cake, donuts. That now tells me that either I’m hungry and need to eat something, or the craving is mental and I should just ignore it.

The things above seem small but they add up over time. I did them without even thinking about it. I like that I now pay attention when I’m eating. I eat slower and taste things more. I also realize how many times I ate without stopping to think if I really wanted something or whether I was hungry.

Wednesday I really wasn’t that hungry all day, so I chose to eat less. I didn’t just eat my calories because I needed to eat my calories. I listened to my body! All in all I’m very glad I’m doing this and proud of what I’ve done so far.

Did you make a resolution to eat better for the new year? (They started an official Whole30 2012 on January 1st. I highly recommend trying it.) Have you noticed anything about your old eating habits like I did?

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