It’s Time To Measure Up

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QT CoffeeCoffee has always been an addiction for me. I love the taste of it and the caffeine benefits are just an added bonus in my mind. I love it so much that I even have a supply of decaf on hand at home for evening enjoyment.

If I’m really watching calories (ie, contest prep) or have already had quite a few cups of it, I’ll drink it black. I like it better with a sploosh of creamer in it though. Yes, that’s my official measurement – a sploosh. I really don’t like the non-fat milk version of my sploosh. If that’s all there is, I’ll just go without. I want creamer or half and half ideally.

I was looking at the little tubs of creamer at work the other day and reading more about them. 35 calories per tub. Hmmm, two tubs = 70 calories.  That can add up fast with multiple coffees. Now, I don’t use the little tubs but I checked and creamers are pretty much in the same ballpark of calories. It got me thinking about the tilting of the creamer carafe and splooshing that I do. Not as scientific in measurement as a tub o’ creamer, eh.

Creamer with SpoonI’ve decided that I’m going to be official in my measurement of creamer. For a while at least until I can eyeball the shade of my coffee with some reliability. I think that 1 Tbsp of creamer in a single cup of coffee would be a good place to start. This is actually for multiple reasons. I’d rather not drink my calories, but also creamer without chemicals is hard to find.

Most creamers, even the ‘real’ one pictured here, have stuff that doesn’t come from a cow. Carageenan and artificial sweenteners are big. I’d rather cut back on these if I can for health reasons so I’ll limit myself to once per day and then go black.

Today’s coffee wasn’t bad although it wasn’t as light as my usual version. My splooshing was definitely more than a Tbsp. Interesting.

Do you sploosh or measure your creamer? What other things do you think you might be heavy handed with?

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