Know What? Chicken Butt

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Since The Kid has a dairy allergy, I’m very used to reading food labels to make sure there are no unwanted ingredients. I’ve been doing this now for over 13 years and there are plenty of ingredients that have made me scratch my head. Things listed with cream filling yet no dairy ingredients. Foods described on the label as having a great butter taste but don’t contain butter, dairy or even butter flavor.

Thankfully there are options out there with foods like fruits, veggies and proteins that aren’t always chemical filled and are perfectly dairy free. The Kid and I often laugh that she can eat a cow but can’t drink one or even touch one at a farm. I may be over protective but you never know when milk is splashed on the outside of a cow, and we avoid nursing calves like the plague. 😉

Lots of processed foods are just chemical experiments and so horribly bad for you. I thought I’d seen it all in labels with ingredients I can’t pronounce. Things that make me feel like my insides will be dyed and preserved for eternity if I eat it. I was wrong. I had not seen it all… not until today when I found something that stopped me in my tracks.

I have a fondness for Mexican food. The old me used to refer to taquitos as “Tubes of Joy”. Yes, seriously. I called them that. Right hand up and solemnly swear. Today, I found this. Since the fine print was hard to read, I copied the warning from the sign and made it bigger so you can read what I saw.

Raw Chicken Lips

“Item May Contain Raw Chicken Lips” – I was speechless yet my mind went through a bunch of thoughts. Chickens have lips?! Not beaks, which would be slightly more understandable. Why are the lips not cooked with the rest of the chicken? Why are they added to the taquito after the taquito is cooked? Just why in general. Why after reading this warning would someone buy the taquitos even at the low, low price of 2 for $2?

I’m now wondering in all the taquitos I ate over the years if I unknowingly ate raw chicken lips. At least I lived to tell about it. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on a label? And most of all, can you tell me if chickens really do have lips?!

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