Little Known Facts About the Skinny Crowd

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For some reason on Friday when I was training, I happened to be the only one there in the entire place. Besides Adam the Trainer, of course. I wonder what everyone else was doing on a Friday evening. Since we had the place to ourselves, I was able to question him regarding the contest idea that I have committed myself to. It was probably more along the lines of the Spanish Inquisition type questioning. In case you haven’t figured it out yet. I like to plan. I plan, then I follow the plan to the letter with no deviations. A slight deviation requires immediate action and modification of the plan.

There is a contest that happens in June next year and Adam thinks that I can be ready for that one. Phew June. It’s actually a perfect time. The Kid’s birthday is at the beginning of June and that same contest this year was on her birthday itself. June is also when my mom is in town for the birthday celebrations. So if the timing works out, Mom will be in town too for the grand unveiling. June it is. Mark it on your calendars because there is a lot of work between now and then, and I need all the support I can get.

Adam also gave me some interesting news. He said if I get myself contest ready and get up there, I will be his biggest accomplishment ever. Me! Ever! How’s that for a challenge? My love for challenges is second only to my love for a plan. I told him in that case that I get a picture on the wall at his gym and it better be the biggest picture. I found what he said interesting though and I asked him why. His reasoning makes sense and was very interesting to hear. I was (and still am) in pretty bad shape. I’ve mentioned before that I am skinny fat.

The skinny part means is that I’m thin and weigh well within my weight range for my height. For most of my adult life, I’ve actually been towards the lower part of my weight range. Despite my weight, my body fat percentage was high and my muscle percentage low. In reality this is a pretty bad combination. Fitness-wise it is worse than a heavy person with the same body fat percentage. It turns out that a heavier person actually has more muscle than a skinny fat person. Thus when a heavier person loses the fat, they are left with a body with muscle. When a skinny fat person loses the fat, they are left with a bony, scrawny body. Picture Olive Oyl here.

Adam says that building muscle is much more difficult than losing fat. This is the reason that I am his biggest challenge yet. Most of his other clients drop their body fat percentage, gain just a little muscle, and bam! Me – I drop my body fat and fizzle, no muscle. I’ve got a huge road ahead of me to get muscle for the first time in my four decades. It’s not going to be easy because my body has no clue how to make muscle and needs to learn how. I don’t know about you, but I found this concept fascinating and it makes sense.

I also think it should be motivating for those of you out there who feel like you are struggling. Yes, you may be heavier than me right now, but seriously. Think of the muscle you are packing already! If I can do this, you can do this too. You’re already halfway there. Bring it! We’ll do this together.

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