Like Legos, My Eating Puzzle Is Coming Together

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Empire State BuildingDid you get everything that you wanted for the holidays? The Kid was showered with a ton of gift cards, and she’s eagerly planning out how to spend them. It gave her something to do yesterday after she put together the Lego Empire State Building at the speed of light. Giant Po panda bear sold separately.

I spent the better part of the day in the kitchen, cooking up a storm of yumminess. We had garlic lime turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed regular potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cranberries, and rolls. I’m busy patting myself on the back for sticking to my guns and eating only the turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans… in normal amounts! Go me!

I also squeezed in my workout yesterday whilst the bird was cooking. I ran sprints with Thing Two, did Sumo Fran in my garage, and then worked biceps and abs afterwards. That pooped me out big time and there was almost an accidental nap to celebrate. I remained vertical though and the need to nap went away.

During this first week of the Whole30 challenge, I’ve really been focusing on my eating (obviously). I’ve made some interesting observations. Lots of my eating comes from habit, not from hunger. When I cook, I taste it. If I get cupcake batter on my fingers, I lick it off. I’m not hungry when I do it, and it’s just as easy to not taste anything or to wipe my fingers on a towel.

When The Kid and I are bored, we go to Starbucks for a latte. Or we go to hang out at Barnes & Noble to read magazines and drink lattes. I walk in the door after work and I reach for something to nibble on before I even stop to think if I’m hungry or not. That really was a revelation for me this week.

Making CupcakesI focused on eating and what I was eating this week. I’m going to try hard to break these habits above because that’s just what they are – habits. Food shouldn’t be about habit. It should be something that happens because you’re hungry and meals should be your sole focus when you’re eating so you enjoy it.

So… I didn’t taste anything while cooking this week. I didn’t lick the batter off my fingers or out of the bowl when I made cupcakes (nor did I have a cupcake). The world didn’t end when I helped The Kid decorate cupcakes but didn’t eat one. I didn’t have a single latte. I did have a plain black coffee though so I had something to drink at Starbucks while the parents where here.

I bet if you focused on your eating, you’d find some interesting patterns too. Do you find yourself eating from habit? What do yo do when you get bored besides eating?

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