Pumpkin Pancakes Aren’t Spooky At All

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pumpkin pancakesThe past few days there’s been something wrong. I just couldn’t figure out what. Trainer Man wanted me to do a test and drop my fat while upping the carbs to see if my muscles got more definition. Sooooo, silly me, I thought I knew what I was doing.

I got out an old eating plan and modified it a bit for a slightly different calorie range and I began this past Monday. I was running slightly low on energy by the evening but I figured it was my body adjusting. Tuesday was worse and I was starving all day. I even had to buy an emergency bowl of lettuce and veggies to ward off hunger.

By yesterday I was shaking and pretty much had evil homicidal thoughts about anyone who dared cross my path. Thankfully not the norm for me. I managed to keep everyone safe from harm by eating a baked potato before lunch. I mentioned this debacle during my workout, and Trainer Man did some quick calculations and figured out that I was way low on carbs.

I hadn’t upped them as much as I thought since I added in “high carb” veggies instead of the usual rice, bread, and oatmeal. For the record, veggies are still pretty low carb compared to grains and such. I never really thought about that concept in great detail. You know what they say about hindsight.

I was out of energy since I had no fat and no carbs to run on. In fact, we were both surprised that I had survived through workouts and crossfit this week without collapsing. I even was first again on the crossfit WOD by a couple minutes this time since it was a strength timed WOD with no running. I have also slept like the dead which was nice for a change.

So I decided to roll into the IHOP after my workout yesterday to scarf down a few carbs for sustenance. Imagine the glee and squealing when I saw the sign above for special pumpkin pancakes! I love pumpkin. I love pancakes. This was a gift from the carb gods above to bring me my two favorite treats all rolled into four cakes of stacked joy.

How’s that for a colorful description? I also drizzled just a hint of blueberry syrup on top of them. I was traumatized by the man at the next table who poured half of the pitcher of syrup on his pancakes. That would have put me into a coma. Four pancakes was delightfully perfect and tasted purely wonderful.

I also adjusted my eating plan for the rest of the week to include a bit more carbs in the form of rice with lunch and dinner. We will see how that goes. I’m already feeling more human and everyone at work can rest easy again now that they are safe from danger. Sunday I’m going back to the regular plan after this experiment is over. I’m looking forward to it believe it or not.

Do you have mood swings when you get hungry? Have you tried the pumpkin pancakes at IHOP? I highly recommend them.

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