A New Kid On The Block

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shiba-inusThis has been one of the most exciting weekends we’ve had in a long time at the Quest Household! We’ve got a new addition to our family. With the passing of Thing One in December, Thing Two has been missing a friend. I contacted the local rescue group and we met a few possibilities but none of them were a good fit. A couple weeks ago, the perfect opportunity fell into our lap.

I got the news that someone had purchased a puppy from a breeder in Tennessee with the intent to show her. It turned out that she was smaller than the breed standards and she wasn’t show worthy. The breeder contacted us through the rescue group and offered her to us instead. Since she was older, she had already been housebroken, trained, and perfect for us. She had to be flown in from her home in San Diego and I made all the arrangements in secret.

Yes, I get the Mom of the Year award for this one. Keeping the surprise was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I wanted to spill the beans just about every night, but I remained strong. I told The Kid that I was getting a package that was too big for me to carry alone and on Friday we headed to Parcel Pickup at the airport. Guess who was waiting for us!

The Kid didn’t have a clue. She got all red in the face when she saw her and looked like she was going to cry with joy. She’s a gorgeous, 7 month old black and tan shiba inu. We’re calling her Kumiko which means Little Beauty in Japanese, Kumi for short. Thing Two seems to be taking to her pretty well so far.

He’s not quite as thrilled with the body slamming that happens as she runs at him across the slippery tile. He doesn’t think it’s as cute as we do. She’s got a lot of energy to burn off so I’m predicting a new running buddy in my future. She’s perfect to us even if she isn’t show worthy. Are you good at keeping surprises? This one sure took willpower on my part but I’m glad I was able to do it.

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