Adding a Little Play to My Workouts

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For the first time in a long long time, I really did get serious about play. The Kid and I spent most of the three day weekend playing around and doing pretty much nothing that had a requirement to it. We lay by the pool. We hung around. We saw a movie. We ate out and wandered the outdoor mall. It was wonderful.

Happiness ProjectI think this month was definitely a turning point in the Even Happier Quest. Things really hit home for me and this month’s task to Get Serious About Play was the first task that really came almost effortless to me. Maybe I’m getting the hang of this adventure. How about you?

  • I stuck to my personal challenge to spend less time cleaning. I now vacuum every week but do the major cleaning every other week. I’ve got a lot more free time to do other things I really want to do.
  • I ventured off the path and planned a vacation with The Kid. We haven’t taken it yet, but dog sitter and hotel are booked and it’s coming really soon. I also ventured off the path at the gym and switched up my workouts. I forced myself to go at busy times and changed workouts at the last minute to encourage spontaneity.
  • I made an effort to learn some new things. I completed my certified personal trainer course and learned a lot of new things doing that. I also subscribed to some new magazines that will help me both learn new things and venture off the path some more.

As the last challenge to get serious about play, I decided to Add More Play To Working Out. I love working out but my cardio has gotten boring. This week I’m adding in more functional/play type activities. I’m going to do my cardio in a park on the jungle gym, in the backyard playing in the pool, and running and jumping with balls and other toys.

Cardio doesn’t have to be running or using the boring elliptical. I’m going to add some play to my cardio. What better time to do it than with the summer weather arriving. Perfect timing.

Have you been keeping up with this month’s challenge? What types of play have you gotten serious about?

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