A Little Help Please. I Could Use It.

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Next-BirthdayOK, I need your help. Yes, you please. In the blogging universe, there’s a cool thing that I’ve seen. It involves making a list. Not just any kind of list though but a list of things to do before your next birthday.  My birthday is fast approaching and I thought it would be really really fun to do a list of my own.

So why do I need your help? Well given the creakiness of my bones, my list is not a dainty short list like the examples above. My list will be massively long so I need to call in back up list thinkers for assistance. That would be you, back up list thinkers. I need a list of 43 Things To Do Before I Turn 44. That’s a lot of things but I’m up for the challenge. I just need a bit of help with ideas.

Maybe Number 1 should be – Think of 43 things to do. No, that would be cheating myself out of one thing for the list. 😉 The things that go on this list are smaller and easier to accomplish than your standard Bucket List items. No jumping out of airplanes (done that), no riding of mechanical bulls (hope to do that), and so on.

These are things like Do 5 pull ups. Yes, that will be on the list. I may change it to Do 1 pull up so that I can actually have hope of crossing it off. Another one I came up with is Try 20 new restaurants. They don’t have to be fitness related or big items. I want to have fun with this and I’m excited about the idea!

Have you ever done a list like this? What are some things you’d put on yours? This is your call to action. I need ideas. Help!

PS – I love how the spell checker kindly suggested that I change the word “creakiness” above to “creepiness” to describe my bones. The nerve!

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