A Trailer Park But Definitely Not Trashy

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I’m back! Did you miss me? Did you even notice I was gone? 😉 If you follow me on Twitter, you know that The Kid and I spent the past few days on vacation in Austin. We had the best time and did all kinds of fun stuff. I was able to work on the Even Happier Quest task to get off the path and explore. As an added bonus, I also got to cross something off my bucket list.

After spending most of the day walking in the hot sun and following it with a 3 1/2 hour drive and a 2 mile dog walk, I am officially exhausted so this will be a short post. I’ll be posting the details on the trip soon. I also have tons of traveling tips to pass on. Things that worked, things that didn’t work, and ways to save money while on vacation.

Austin Food Trucks

I’ll share with you the highlight of our Austin trip – food trucks! Does your city have these? Ours doesn’t and I had only heard about them. I had no idea how delightfully wonderful they were. They are old fashioned trailers that are mobile restaurants! Kind of like you find in local festivals – only these are pretty much always in their spot and have real mailing addresses.

I will say that 99.9% of them were full of non-healthy foodstuffs. I enjoyed a couple treats from the trucks since I was on vacation. I didn’t go crazy for the most part. I got a delicious cupcake from Oh Cupcake! the first night we were there. It was quite tasty and they also had vegan cupcakes for The Kid to enjoy.

And now for the pièce de résistance … drum roll… there is a trailer called Gourdough’s that serves gourmet donuts. OH.MY.GOD. These were the best donuts EVER! If you are ever in Austin, you must make a beeline for this place the second you hit the city. I kid you not.

I decided to treat myself the second night and after narrowing it down to my top 2 choices, I decided to go with the Son of a Peach. I am grateful that I got my donut to go and did not try it until after dinner. Had I bit into it on site, I immediately would have placed a second order.

The donut was eaten with quite a bit of yummy noises and squeals of joy! I apologize for not having a picture of the donut for you. Unfortunately the Son of a Peach was consumed so quickly that no photographic evidence was possible. Thankfully we also spent quite a bit of time at Whole Foods eating healthy to balance out the adventure. My fingers are crossed that Gourdough’s never expands to the Dallas area. 😉

Which do you think would be your favorite donut? Any guesses what my second choice was? It took great willpower to not drive by and get it this morning.


  1. Can I just say…That cupcake looks amazing!

    I have heard that food trucks are awesome- I have just never ventured into Dallas to try any of them out.

    Glad you had such an awesome time in Austin.

    • I need to try the ones here locally. I’m almost afraid though because the ones we did try in Austin were so good. The distance keeps me away. However Dallas is a little too convient. For a special occasion I may give it a try though.

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