Definitely a Monumental Day to Complete My Weekend

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Dream FortuneIn addition to the usual week in review post that I do on Sundays, I have something very exciting to share. It’s actually a big thing and marks another item crossed off the Quest List. Indulge me for a moment while I explain. As you know, a few weeks ago I became a certified trainer. That was a pretty exciting accomplishment and one that I worked very hard to achieve.

But that was only half the goal. The bucket list item was… Become a certified personal trainer and get a client of my very own. Part 1 – check. Part 2… drum roll… CHECK! Sorry for the shouting. Actually it’s more like squealing if you can’t tell over the internet. There are also jazz hands involved as I hunch over my laptop.

I really wasn’t sure how long it would take for part 2. I was thrilled to sit at half goal and didn’t have a deadline for part 2. Ha, little did I know. The stars aligned and I trained my very first client today!

It was the most amazing experience to pass on some of the knowledge that I’ve gathered on my journey. I remember what it was like to not know how to eat or what to do in the gym. It actually wasn’t that long ago that I struggled to even set foot in the gym. Trainer Man passed on all kinds of knowledge to me over the past couple years. Some was intentional to teach me what to do and some was just by pure repetition.

I’m excited about how much I learned along the way from him and from personal experience, and I was actually able to pay some of it forward today. The feeling of doing something I love is indescribable, and I’m grateful that she gave me the honor of training her. She held in there like a champ and made me very proud of her motivation. Hopefully she’s still able to walk tomorrow. 😉

The feelings were reconfirmed with this fortune I got after lunch today. You know me and my fortunes. Maybe the powers at be do speak to us through cookies. If I had to speak to someone, I’d choose cookies as my medium too. Who wouldn’t?!

Without further ado, here’s what else went down this week:

I wonder what this week will bring for me. Look for some exciting workouts coming in the weeks ahead along with a potential bootcamp surprise. Do I have any recruits out there up for the challenge? 😉

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