We’re Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train!

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ServingToday was a whirlwind of activity at the Accidental Household so I’m posting late. Phew, I can’t be believe we did all this and had the best day ever! If you’ve ever seen that Spongebob best day ever episode, you know exactly how that sentence sounds in my head. 😉

We got up bright and early for the Wolves volleyball tournament since The Kid had to be there warmed up and ready to play at 8:30. I had time for a quick breakfast and one lone cup of coffee before getting there. This was our very first athletic tournament in middle school and it was exciting to see the different teams from across the district and see how varied the skill levels were.

The difference between 7th graders and 8th graders is about 8 inches and 40 lbs in case you are wondering. I’m very glad they didn’t mix the two grades and have us playing the hulking beasts. The Kid has an awesome serving arm. She even gets airborne as she pounds the ball over the net!

sleepingWe ran by Target on the way home in search of cool Halloween shirts but the selection was disappointing so we ended up with coffee and an icee. I’ll let you ponder who had what refreshment. We got home and I cleaned the entire house while The Kid worked hard to recover from volleyball. After that there was a relaxing walk of Thing Two while I tried to catch up on podcasts.

I dropped The Kid off at the mall for some shopping fun with a friend. Side note: I’m very impressed with the friends that she’s picked. All of them are so polite and actually carry on a conversation with me (by choice!). While The Kid had retail therapy, I went and joined a hot yoga center. Yes, I now have an official membership so I’m committed to relaxation and sweating combined.

I really enjoy the hot yoga. The hotter, the better. I feel amazing afterwards since it loosens my sore muscles. It doesn’t last at this point though. I stiffen up as soon as I sit for a while. That will get better though with time. After yoga, I picked up The Kid and friend, dropped friend off, went home, changed into dry clothes, donned my “costume” and we head to the train station for the Annual Terror Train Ride!

Halloween Costumes(Insert scream here.) OK, it wasn’t really filled with terror but they tried to make it terrifying on a kid level. Everyone was in costume. I had a sparkly purple bat on my head with black feathers and black netting. Much cooler in person than it sounds here. We rode the Tarantula Train for an hour, stopped and they told spooky stories before we rode in reverse back to the station.

It was fun and we got a souvenir picture to document the event. I got to sing Ozzy’s Crazy Train in a perfectly acceptable scenario for once. Finally we made it to Fuddrucker’s for dinner where I loaded my plate with an entire extra salad from their fixing bar. Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and a mountain of pico di gallo. We managed to get back stuffed and happy with an hour to spare before Sunday arrived.

How is your weekend going? Is it as filled with fun as ours is? 🙂

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