I’ve No More Doubts. I’m A Dog Person.

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Today the DFW area was hit hard by major thunderstorms complete with tornadoes. They evacuated us to the shelter at work, and school was also under storm lock down. Everything flooded and from what I imagine, it was pretty bad. I was tucked safely inside and away from windows and doors so I didn’t witness it first hand.

I left work a little early to get The Kid and about three blocks from home, I saw a poor cat under a bush. He was soaked to the bone. I know he must have been in a bad state since cats don’t usually allow themselves to get that wet. They’re usually pretty good about finding shelter in storms. I thought he might have been hit by a car or hurt in some way. Being the good samaritan, I screeched to a stop and got out to see if I could get him.

As I walked towards him, I noticed he had a collar and tags and he meowed at me. I called out to him and was surprised as he began coming towards me. I was even more surprised when he broke into a run and rushed past me. And climbed right up under my running car and INTO MY UNDERCARRIAGE! The shocked look on my face was award winning I’m sure.

I couldn’t budge him. I called to him. Poked at him. Pulled on his tail and nothing. I made The Kid get out while I pulled forward a couple feet. Nothing. I honked the horn. Not a flinch. I then had The Kid run alongside me for the drive home while she carefully watched and made sure he didn’t fall out by accident. I was afraid I’d run him over and be ever known as “the one that killed the neighbor’s cat.”

Cat Under The CarSo here I sit, with a cat under my car, car in the driveway. I can’t very well put the car in the garage since the cat would then be stuck in my garage. The best part was when we got home and I got lectured by The Kid. “What are you going to do now?!”, she scolded me. I replied that I didn’t know. “Clearly this plan was not very well thought out.”

I hope when the cat comes out, he knows his way home because he’s not staying here and I’m not giving him directions. He’s completely ruined it for all future cats. Never again will I attempt to assist a cat. I’m a dog person. A dog would have had more sense than this. 😉

Keep your fingers crossed that he’s gone by morning or he’s going to work with me.

Update: After several hours and no movement, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wrapped my arm in a towel and yanked on the dangling tail. The kitty came out and immediately snuggled up in my arms. Awwwww. He was soaked to the bone, but started kneading my arm and purring. He melted my cat-hating heart.

I looked at his tags and his name was Tommy and there was a phone number from Wisconsin! I called the number and was met with a very tearful person. Tommy and family had been visiting from Wisconsin when he got loose over a week ago. They had been desperately looking but had no luck, so they were thrilled that he’d been found.

It turns out that he had never been outside before which explains his cluelessness in finding shelter. It was also probably pretty traumatic to ride out tornadoes and torrential rains. His family came immediately to get him and all is back to normal. Nothing like a happy ending to make me smile!

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