Master Magis on a Quest

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Great Wolf Lodge Water SlideWe had a great time last weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge. Saturday it was just me and The Kid and we spent some time outside at the waterpark. It was a cloudy, rainy day so it was perfect for being in the pool. The thunderstorms stayed away so we were allowed to stay out there all day. Around dinnertime, we came in to eat at one of the restaurants and start the MagiQuest.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the MagiQuest, I highly recommend giving it a try if you are ever given the chance. You purchase a magic wand that has some sort of radio frequency, high tech thing in the end. The wizard guide (really just the cashier that rings you up) gives you the Ancient Book of Wisdom to use on your quests.

You go to kiosks throughout the hotel to register for your mini-quests, then you follow the book riddles to locate and scan items with your wand. After you finish the riddle and scan all the items, you are granted various runes and level up as a Magi. You can pretty much skip your cardio that day since you are require to schlep yourself up and down the 8 floors of the hotel on the quest. If you use the elevator, you immediately lose all the gold coins you’ve earned. We are proud to now call ourselves Master Magis!

Sunday we returned to the hotel with a friend of The Kid. I was delighted to find that I could park myself by the pool while they entertained themselves endlessly on the water rides, obstacle courses, and other activities. Next time if no friends are available, I am renting a kid to entertain The Kid and free me up. I was conned onto the waterslide a couple times and have the picture evidence to prove it. A word of advice – When kids scream “Lean forward NOW!” while on the water ride, it isn’t typically in the best interest of the adult following the instructions.

This past weekend marked the end of Week 3 of Project Buffination. I managed to gain 2.5 lbs during the week but dropped one percent body fat. I am now officially 21.6% body fat which is inching closer to my first goal of 20%. It shouldn’t be too much longer. My trainer, Adam, thinks the weight gain is a combination of muscle and water weight since I’ve also started taking creatine. I think he’s right since I would have had to overeaten by almost 9,000 calories last week to gain 2.5 lbs. I know that didn’t happen so I’m trying to ignore the scale for now.

Hunger has set in this week so I have been trying to not give in to the cravings. I was told that every couple weeks my body would realize that it is losing fat and do its best to fight against what I’m trying to do to it. I find that it’s best to not have tempting foods in the house. If it’s not here, I’m too lazy to go out a get it so that helps a great deal. I’m still going full out in my workouts too between the weight lifting with Adam and the TurboFire at home. I’m still sore the day after lifting, but it is nowhere near as bad as the first two weeks. At this point, the soreness is gone on the second day and doesn’t interfere with my cardio. That’s progress

This coming weekend I’ll take my One Month pictures and hopefully be able to see with my own eyes that there is a change. Looking at myself right now, I don’t see it. Looking at the pictures side by side will most likely tell a different story. Tomorrow the mobile nurses come to work and I’ve signed up for a follow up cholesterol test. Not holding out much hope there, but you never know. I’ll keep you posted.

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