Plan What You Eat And Eat What You Planned

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My first week of cutting is 5/7ths of the way done. Not that I’m counting! 😉 I’ve gotten through 5 really low days – starting low and getting lower. Yesterday was a tad rough and my humor took a sarcastic turn mid-day. Today is refeed day! Aren’t you glad you’ve learned two bodybuilding terms this week just for stopping by? Cutting and now refeed.

I really don’t like that word – refeed. REfeed implies that during the week I feed. I feed Thing One and Thing Two. I don’t know about you, but I eat. This isn’t a cheat day, but a day to bump up my calories to get any metabolism slowing nipped in the bud. I get a treat thrown in but mostly just a larger quantity of the foods I usually eat. Maybe I’ll call it a re-eat day… hopefully you can come up with something more creative.

If you do, I’ll blog of your genius new term and you’ll be famous in the bodybuilding arena. I envision a statue of you carved in stone. No, I’ve only been drinking coffee so far this morning. The Kid and I have plans to Do Something Fun today. I’ll make sure to give you all the deets on how it turns out. Part of this involves going to a restaurant for either lunch or dinner.

I haven’t decided which because I’m not sure if we’ll have time before The Fun. If we do, it will be lunch out. If not, dinner wins. I’ve planned ahead and picked a restaurant that’s in the area where we are going. (I’ve got a coupon too!) The cool thing is that lots of restaurants now have their menu posted on their website. A good chunk also have their nutritional data there or up on the web in a quick Google search.

Sheldon CooperSince eating out can be a complete diet blower, I always AL-ways plan ahead. If there’s nothing I can eat or customize, another restaurant gets chosen. There’s only been one so far that ended up in that category. It was a BBQ place where even their green beans were made with bacon. Every other one easily fit in my plan. That shows you how easy it is if you make it so.

I use the menu and nutrition data to plan out my meal ahead of time and make any adjustments if needed to the other meals in the day. I also print out the nutrition sheets if I can and carry them with me for a backup plan. I don’t want to get there, find out they sold out of what I wanted and I then have to guess on Plan B.

After the visit, I keep my nutrition sheets in the glove box in my car. That way I can pull them out later if we decide to eat there again on the spur of the moment. I’ve got a whole system going on this now. It really flows easily when you get the hang of it. Plus when you get good at it, you don’t look so Sheldon Cooper at the restaurant when ordering. You just look confident and like you know what you want. Bazinga! 😉

I’m so glad that most places give us access to this information because it makes me feel more normal to be able to socialize, and not get stuck eating a bowl of lettuce and water with lime. People like to call attention to you when you do that. I get to eat food with everyone else!

Do you plan your meals before you go to a restaurant? Do you have other tips that help you? Please pass them along. I’m all ears.

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