Pursue Your Passion and Make It Happen

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Pursue Your PassionI’ve got on my bucket list that I want to write a book someday. Not just any book, but specifically a cook book. No small feat but hopefully more than just a pipe dream. As part of this month’s Even Happier Quest, I’ve been doing some research on pursuing my passion. OK, is it weird to research pursuing a passion? I hope not. đŸ˜‰

As part of this, I found a couple sites that actually help you make your very own books. I didn’t even know such a place existed except for the professional book writing bunches. You can create books from your Facebook page, from Instagram photos, or… from a blog.

I can actually make a real book of my blog! With binding, pictures, words, and the whole works. It’s pretty affordable and I could gather all of my recipes from my blog along with the every day pages. It would be a pretty cool keepsake to flip through in the future along with all the photo albums and other memories.

I love flipping through photo albums and remembering what was going on. I have an album from every year since The Kid was born. We typically go through them when my parents are here for the holidays. Adding a blog book to the mix would be fun and a way to professionally preserve the memories here. My job now is to figure out just how involved it is and hopefully get going on it.

Afterall if I don’t pursue my passion, it sure won’t pursue me. I’ve got to make it happen. What have you been pursuing this month?

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