Road Trip For A Cowboy Adventure!

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Herding CattleThe Kid and I had an awesome Saturday so sorry for posting late and keeping you in suspense on the deets. We signed up for a complete cowboy adventure at a working ranch not too far from here! It was far enough to qualify as a road trip though especially since the ranch was out in the boonies.

We got a roping lesson to start off the adventure. We both did pretty well for never having touched a roping rope before. The Kid and I both roped the “steer” a few times. The best part was swinging the lasso around overhead. I even managed to get the rope completely around both horns like you’re supposed to a few times.

After our lesson we got on horses and rode out to the fields. Next we got to drive the cattle to a different pasture! Two hours of moving the longhorns to where they needed to be. Yes, the horses did most of the work but we had to direct them where to go and which cows to get behind and move in with the herd.

I got a nice pic while herding. I also got a lecture from The Kid about texting while riding. Apparently that’s dangerous too or so she said. At least I got a couple good shots to document the adventure before she caught me. It was tons of fun for two totally city girls. We do smell slightly (or not so slightly) like horse now. 😉

And now for your watching enjoyment, here is my big moment roping the “steer.” Yes, I jumped up and down like a complete girl to celebrate!

Happy Weekend!

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