Road Trips In Texas Usually Don’t Involve Kangaroos

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kangarooThere’s few better ways to start off a long Labor Day weekend than with a road trip. Especially when the road trip involves exotic animals. A couple of friends from work posted on Facebook about an exotic animal farm that was within a tank of gas from here. Lo and behold, I found half price coupons for it so I figured fate was telling us to go.

Naturally on the way The Kid and I got the opportunity to make a variety of funny faces and gestures at the toll cameras. This is a requirement for every road trip as is singing loudly to all songs on the radio. I’m sure the toll picture monitor guy wonders what on earth we were drinking on the road trip.

What didn’t look that far on the map sure seemed far when you realize you’ve left town and are smack in the middle of BFE. There were cows, cows, and more cows on the way. A couple of donkeys and some horses were thrown in for good measure. We also passed not one, but three lakes! A three lake road trip on the books.

Once we got there, we got a chance to pet baby zebras, lemurs, and some other animals that I’ve never heard of but they said were from Australia. The lemurs were amazing and they had a zookeeper tell us all about lemurs and how their pack interacts with each other. There was a safari tram ride and we got to see camels, llamas, zebras, rare Chinese deer and other related exotics.

As part of our trip, we also got to choose to have our picture taken with either a baby kangaroo or a baby lemur! There was quite a discussion about which we wanted. I voted for the baby lemur, but as you can see from the picture above I didn’t win.

So it wasn’t the real live koala bear from my Bucket List that I got to cross off, but a baby kangaroo was so worth it. He was the softest, sweetest little guy and I even got kisses on the chin from him. If you get the chance to be kissed by a kangaroo, I highly recommend it.

It reminds me that I also need to update my Bucket List. I have a few more things to add.

Happy Labor Day weekend! Hope yours involves kangaroo kisses!

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