Scavenging the Countryside for Buffalo and Donkeys

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The Kid and I signed up for a scavenger hunt adventure at a huge ranch slightly west of here. It sounded like fun and the drive was a nice one. It was pretty much in the middle of nowhere on 37 acres. There were animals, a pool, games like horseshoes, and a bunch of nature.

When we arrived, we signed in and were given a list of things to find and a paper bag to put the things we found. There was the promise of lemonade and iced tea at the end if we found everything. The only instructions we were given were that we could search the entire 37 acres and we had to think outside the box.

I figured it would be a cool learning experience for The Kid. I also need help thinking outside the box and not being so rigid in my definition. 😉 We also got to take a baggie of carrots to feed to Biscuit the buffalo! The Kid was thrilled at the chance to feed a real live buffalo and we were assured he was friendly since he was raised there on the ranch by hand.

BuffaloThe buffalo feeding excitement lasted as long as it took to walk the half mile to him and discover he was coated in foamy buffalo spit. Not just ordinary amounts of spit, but massive quantities. So The Kid quickly forfeited her bag of carrots to me to feed Biscuit. I did so grudgingly but managed to keep the spit to a minimum.

There was a boisterous donkey in with Biscuit that got to share the carrots. The best part was when they were gone. The hysterical hee hawing started. The Kid’s face was priceless since she’d never heard anything like it. She screamed that he was choking! I had to explain he was just peeved that the carrots were gone.

Mini DonkeysWe were grateful that there were a bunch of friendly mini donkeys in the next field over. They didn’t get any carrots but they were thrilled to get a bunch of pats on the head. I wonder what mini donkeys are used for on a ranch. They don’t seem big enough to actually do much work. I don’t think they are raised for meat or milk. Interesting, but glad we met them.

We managed to think outside the box and find everything on our list. A leaf served as something with veins. A blade of grass was a blade. We found some kind of hose connector for something with a hole in it. We got dusty and sweaty, but we had a lot of fun marching around discussing whether something met the criteria.

The ranch also hosts murder mystery dinners so we may go back soon for another adventure. In case you missed any of the excitement this week, here’s some other stuff that happened:

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? Do you know what mini donkeys are used for?

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