Ten Million Fireflies To Light Up The Sky, Or At Least 7,000

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Firefly RunThe Kid and I finally had our big day – we ran the Firefly Run! It was our second 5k this year. As The Kid announced, two down and a thousand more to go. I’m excited that she likes doing them so much. This one went to another great cause which was Cook’s Childrens Medical Center. I like being able to do healthy things for me while helping others.

As you can see, we also wore tutus for the occasion. This was my first time wearing a tutu for any reason so I was happy to ham it up to document the event. As we were taking pictures, I suddenly wished that I also had a tiara. It would have completed the outfit. Next time!

The race started at sundown and everyone got two arm/leg bands that had flashing red lights. The hard part was standing around waiting for dark. It was really cool to see 7,000 runners and walkers in the dark with just the flashing firefly lights. Very mesmerizing. We definitely didn’t set any time records but that’s OK.

We didn’t plan to attempt a record. We just wanted to have fun and that was a complete success. Next time I need to plan my eating better. I assumed that there would be the standard apple or banana after the race, but there wasn’t. It was quite a long time since my last snack so at race end I was ready to eat my arm. We stopped for dinner on the way home and got THE best tacos at Chipotle. Man were they good and well earned.

This week’s mission is to figure out our next run. Have you done the Firefly Run or something like it? Do you have suggestions for our next run?


  1. LOVE the tutu!

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