Clouds Of Color On A Sunny Day At The Color Run

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Me and The Kid - Color RunAs of this morning, the very first Mom and Kid 5k was run! The Kid and I got up early and ran in The Color Run. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect and it was crazy. It poured rain here all day yesterday but thankfully this morning was clear and relatively warm. Most of the puddles were gone.

We were able to run in sweatpants and gloves without freezing. The Color Run was sold out, and they weren’t offering any more sign ups as of this week. It was a mess of people and very unorganized. There were a lot of people out there without numbers and I’m thinking that lots just showed up and ran without actually entering.

The volunteers tried to get everyone off in waves but there were no wave assignments, so we all pretty much just took off in a massive blob walking, tripping and jogging over everyone. There was also a traffic jam at every kilometer mark when people stopped to be showered in color dust. I didn’t really plan on trying for a time, and there wasn’t hope of getting one either since it was stop and start the entire distance.

The Kid did great running and I was very proud of her effort. It was tons of fun and went to charity which was the best part. The Kid agreed to run the next 5k I suggested in March on one condition. We get to wear tutus during the run. Say no more! If I get a reason to wear a tutu, sign me up! 😉 It’s also run at night with glow in the dark accents to light our way.

Week in ReviewI’d say this was a successful wrap up to another awesome week here:

I can’t wait to kick off next week and see what excitement that brings. Happy Sunday!

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