Another Year Done With More Awesomeness And Adventure

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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Woohoo, I’ve made it through another year and it’s been an awesome one for me as you know from reading here. I think the years just keep getting better and better. I can only imagine the amazingness that my 50s will have in store for me if my 40s are this great!

Yesterday The Kid and I spent the day at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. It was fun and they’ve got tons of cool hands on exhibits on energy generation, dinosaurs, and other sciencey stuff. We made the mistake of going to a movie at the Imax theater though. I ended up looking at my feet for a good chunk of the movie to keep from blowing my own chunks. My head was spinning the entire time. Not good.

When we got home, I flipped through some of the ads in preparation for some birthday holiday shopping. I found a 300 lb olympic bar weight set for a screaming good deal at a local store here. I may just bite the bullet and get it for my garage. All I need is a bench with a squat rack, some padded floor squares, and I’d be all set with my very own garage gym!

I still need to figure out where we are going tonight for Birthday Dinner. It’s a thing we do here in our family. The birthday person gets to pick a restaurant for dinner. It can be anywhere regardless of whether or not anyone else wants to eat there. The non-birthday people just have to choke it down if they don’t like it. 😉

I can’t decide what to have but I’m sure it will come from a cow – steak, burgers, ribs, cheese, milkshake! You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out what type of cow I ate.

Do you get yourself a birthday present? Where would you go for your birthday dinner?

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