When Things Get Tough, Move To The Backup Plan

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Backup PlanThink fast! Remember that game as kids where someone would shout that and then throw something at you? Usually it would bonk off my forehead as I turned to look at them. Stupid game for those that are not coordinated.

Last night I rushed out of work, picked up The Kid from school, dropped off The Kid at home, and drove madly to yoga. I got there and found the room packed to the hilt like sardines in a can. They could have squeezed but then I had visions of me falling off balance and knocking the entire class down like dominoes.

So I thought fast, bailed out of yoga, and moved on to my backup plan. Chest, biceps and abs. You have a backup plan, don’t you? If not, start thinking fast. Gyms, yoga studios, and similar places are going to be jammed packed in a couple weeks with all those well intentioned resolutioners. This…

Thing Two Being Lazy

… is not your backup plan. Unless of course you wish to have the lovely round shape that Thing Two has.

I used to have only one workout in mind. If a machine was busy or there were no dumbbells, I got all confused. Before I knew it, I was out of ideas and things to do. I half heartedly tossed some dumbbells around and just went home. Or actually most times, I just left and went home without tossing anything but a pouty attitude.

Now I try to always have two plans in mind in case one doesn’t work out. Some examples, elliptical sprints if the treadmills are all taken. Instead of a barbell bench press do dumbbell presses, incline presses, or dips. If the leg press machine is busy, do squats or lunges.

If all the cardio machines are tied up, do bodyweight or very light weight squat presses or squat curls. If yoga is booked, hit the gym or even the park and move. The options are endless but you need to have a plan in mind just in case. Wow, Trainer Man has taught me well, hasn’t he? 😉

Do you have a backup plan to fall back on? Is your gym or classes filling up already? It’s not even the New Year yet!


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