Burgers And Cupcakes To End A Great Week

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Yesterday was an awesome day! There was a food frenzy and I got to try a bunch of different foods that I’ve been craving all week. French toast, hamburger, and cupcakes were the highlights. It was funny. We went to Fuddruckers and The Kid ordered the big kid’s meal and I got the regular kid’s meal.

I love Fuddruckers because they have the amazing fixins bar and you can pile on the lettuce, tomatoes, pico di gallo, onions and pickles. I usually end up piling on so much that the burger can’t even be seen under it all. I couldn’t finish the burger and the fries so I gave my fries to The Kid to take home.

I also experimented ala Cupcake Wars style with cupcakes! Mini cupcakes to be exact. I like the mini ones because I can eat more of the little ones for the equivalent of a big one. I made spicy chocolate mini cupcakes with a merlot marshmallow buttercream. Man, were they great! The merlot blended perfectly with the sweetness of the frosting. Look for the recipe this week.

Week in ReviewIn case you missed some of the other excitement:

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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