Even The Obsessive Ones Fail At Times

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Food PrepWhooo doggie, this week has been crazy. The Kid has had track bootcamp before school all week this week so we’ve been up earlier than usual and out the door. The upside is that I get up and out the door quickly and to work on time. The downside is that I get up early but don’t get my morning workout in. Bleh!

They call this thingbootcamp, but it’s really just running different distances around the track. 800m, 400m, 200m, then 100m. Not what I had in mind for bootcamp, but oh well. I guess we can’t all be creative with our exercises at 7:45 am. 😉

With all the craziness going on, guess what I didn’t do right and guess what I ended up having to do last night in a frenzy after my workout with Trainer Man. Yep, I didn’t add up my proteins correctly and ended up at the grocery store, rushing home, and prepping ground turkey and chicken breasts.

Not what I had in mind for my Wednesday evening but I got it done for the rest of the week and am all set through Sunday. See, even those who are in the habit and have been doing this for quite a while get caught off guard every now and then. No one is perfect even those who are so obsessively organized. I now have 6 servings of chicken breasts and 5 servings of ground turkey cooked and pre-packaged.

This weekend my fruits and veggies get restocked with my co-op share. I’m so excited to see what we get this time. Rumor has it that there may be dinosaur kale involved. As a special treat, they’ve already told us we get a dozen cage free, happy chicken eggs. They are giving us these eggs free.FREE of charge! Those are my magic words. I can’t wait and of course will let you know what I get.

I’ll be so glad for next week to get here. I could use the rest and relaxation of Spring Break. I need the mental break at least. Do you prep your food once a week? Have you ever fallen down on the job and run short? Ugh!

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