Is Fall Here For A Few Days Or Just Passing Through On Its Way Somewhere Else?

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Beautiful nightIt was 106 degrees on Friday and then something amazing happened during the night. The weather changed and Fall temporarily arrived in Texas this weekend. The weather on both days has been absolutely wonderful and in the upper 80s for the high. Not a cloud in the sky and just perfect.

Even the nights were crystal clear and a gorgeous color. I had the windows open all weekend to get some fresh air inside. This is the first time they’ve been open since early May! I spent part of the day Saturday cleaning a couple rooms, top to bottom. I figured since the fresh air was coming in, I may as well take advantage of the breeze and blow some of the dust out too.

Do you do a “Spring Cleaning” a couple times a year? I try to and I’m always amazed at how much dust bunnies and dog tumbleweeds there are lurking in corners and under beds. In case you missed the busy week, here is what happened:

I hope the weather holds out for a couple days, but I’m sure we aren’t done with Summer just yet. I miss snow! I love Fall and Winter best, I think. At least until Spring. 😉 What’s your favorite season?

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