Fall Has Arrived And Sweaters and Scarves Are Out

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It was an amazing weekend weatherwise here in Texas! We had a cold front come through on Friday evening and it dropped several degrees in a few hours. It was in the 50s and cloudy all weekend. I love that kind of weather every now and then. The Kid and I wandered around Oktoberfest with coffees in hand to keep warm. We window shopped. We hung out. We just hung out and laughed and laughed.

They always talk about the strange weather changes that Texas has. I never believed it until I got here and experienced it for myself. Every Fall there’s that one day where you leave the house sweating in shorts and a tank top in 90 degrees. The breeze and cold front blows in during the afternoon and in 90 minutes it drops into the 50s. Yes, 30 – 40 degrees like… bang. Brrrrrrr, but I love it. Just jump in, no toe dipping into Fall here. 😉

Week in ReviewIn case you missed anything this week:

I hope my Canadian readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’d love to hear about your celebrations. Have a wonderful week!

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