Feeling the Pressure on the Fourth?

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fireworksThe Fourth of July is a big day in the States for family get togethers, barbeques and all kinds of backyard celebrations. Most of these are heavily involved with food which can be hard when you’re focused on healthy eating. Thankfully grilling provides all kinds of healthy options along with salads so you don’t have to jump off the wagon with both feet.

Stick to grilled chicken breasts, burgers, and veggies for great options. Add a side of salad (not the mayo loaded ones!) with a drizzle of dressing and some fresh fruit for dessert and you’re all set. The Kid and I celebrated with grilled mojito pork chops and roasted okra by the pool, and we’re getting ready to head out for the fireworks celebration.

I’ll leave you with some interesting statistics from a survey by Women’s Health magazine to keep in mind:

  • 53% of respondents said they felt pressured by others to eat non-healthy foods
  • 56% said they didn’t want to insult the cook by not eating the food
  • 51% wanted to eat like everyone else
  • 41% didn’t want to call attention to their diet

These are huge percentages – most over 50%! Remember, your health is yours so don’t feel pressured to give it up. Not eating something is not an insult, but it’s also OK to have a bite or two every now and then. Also when you feel the urge to eat like everyone else, look around and see if you want to look like everyone else too.

Break out of the mold and do your own thing. You never know who might be influenced to take charge of their own health because of you!

Happy Fourth of July. Be thankful and be safe!

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