Weekend Recap: Fun, Frolic, Fitness… and a Nap!

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I did two things today that I haven’t done in a very long time. I took a nap this afternoon after all my errands were run. Not an accidental nap but one that I lay down to take on purpose! I also broke out my TRX and did a suspension workout. I was inspired by a workout I saw in a magazine and decided to venture into my closet to pull it out.

If you haven’t tried a suspension workout using the Jungle Gym, TRX or other similar equipment, I highly recommend it. There are a lot of gyms offering classes using them now and they’re becoming more mainstream. It makes you realize just how uncoordinated you can be when you have to move supporting your own body weight. Somehow I expected to be highly skilled in that since I support my own body weight 24 x 7. Nope. 😉

Painting with a TwistThere was some exciting stuff this weekend, both on blog and off. The Kid and I took a painting class yesterday. This was our first class together since I enjoyed the first two while she was on vacation without me. I’ve seriously fallen in love with painting. The best part is seeing the different interpretations of the same painting in class. Just like snowflakes, no two are alike.

Also my friend Crystal over at Crystal & Co. did a post on Friday highlighting yours truly. If you haven’t been reading her posts, you’ve really been missing out. She’s got the whole process of juggling family, work, and everything in between down pat. I strive to reach her level and she’s got 5 times the number of kids I do!

My favorite day of the week is Wednesday when she does her Mommy Resource linky parties. You don’t have to be a Mom or even female to benefit from the tips posted there. I’ve found all kinds of stuff from crafts to dinner to tips on cleaning and organizing. There are at least 10 from last week that I’ve got on my list now to try.

In case you missed any of the happenings on blog, here’s the recap:

I’ve got a ton of tips to share with you this week including one HUGE.MASSIVE kick butt cleaning tip that surprised even me. That one is coming Tuesday evening in a post of its own. Keep an eye out on Facebook for all kinds of random facts, pictures of what I’m up to, and other stuff. Feel free to join in and get to know everyone.

Have a great week!

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