Happiness Is Organization

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Every summer The Kid goes to Grandma’s house on vacation for 2 weeks. I both look forward to this “time off” and also miss her very much. It’s the only 2 weeks out of the year that I get to be completely off duty. Since she left last weekend, I’ve somehow managed to jam pack every evening so far with all kinds of activities. As a result, my To Do List has stacked up big time.

Organized PantryWhat do I do when I start to freak out about the amount of stuff I have to do? I ignore the long list, and I clean and organize. Yes, that’s right. I am officially a freak, but a clean one. 😉 It usually starts by accident. I open a cabinet and scream in horror. Or in the case of today, I open the pantry to make lunch and have a complete meltdown at the state that it is in.

I pulled everything out and was shocked at some of the items in there. Fat free refried beans?! It didn’t help their case that they were a store brand from a store I know I haven’t shopped at for 3 years or so. Gone went the beans into the trash.

There was all kinds of things hidden in there that I didn’t even know about. Since I just go grocery shopping and put stuff in there willy nilly, there were like items in different areas. As part of this effort, I clustered things in to sections – grains here, baking products there, canned goods. My very own mini grocery store.

It was interesting to get a view into my shopping habits. Apparently I have an obession with teas,  cupcake sprinkles, koolaid, spices, and vinegar. I have enough of all of these to last a lifetime! Especially the teas. I have every kind known to man and I thought I was a coffee addict.

The end result though was a satisfyingly organized pantry and a calmer me. What do you find yourself doing when overwhelmed by your To Do List? Have you ever realized that you have an obsession with buying something that you didn’t know?

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