Is Your Brain Balanced? Using One Side More Than The Other

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Right brain vs left brain. Since I’m such an analytical, black/white left brained type person, it’s hard for me to be creative. So in the interest of breaking out of my half-brained mold, I’ve been trying different types of creativity this year to work the other side of my brain. Painting, pottery making, and the latest was a fused glass jewelry making class. The Kid and I spent the afternoon picking out shapes and colors of glass and gluing them together into whatever color combination that we desired for a pendant necklace.

It was fun to try something new. I attempted to break out of my mold and put together a color combination that I wouldn’t normally think of. I started with different shades of purple then added in a bit of orange and green. They have to fire it in the kiln to finish it off and we go back to pick it up next weekend. Stay tuned for pictures of my creative, right brain masterpiece!

Lunch BeforeAfterwards we decided to try out a new restaurant that came highly recommended for their burgers and shakes. Everything there was purple-themed down to their famous purple milkshakes. Purple is my favorite color so I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

Now obviously I’m not a burgers and shakes kind of person. Or I am, but not often, and today was not one of those days. I typically de-construct a salad into a healthier creation but this time I noticed the special and decided to modify that to suit my purposes. The chicken special actually came with mashed potatoes smothered in gravy and bacon on the chicken.

Lunch AfterA calorific bomb that I didn’t need for sure plus I don’t really like gravy unless it’s Thanksgiving. You realize that restaurants will customize your meal for you, right? Most people just assume that they are stuck ordering off the menu.

All you have to do is ask and almost every restaurant is fully able to make your meal the way you want. Afterall YOU are the customer keeping them in business. Don’t be afraid to ask. I was able to sub in fresh fruit for the mashed potatoes and chose steamed broccoli for my side. The fruit was real fruit!

I will point out that the chicken was a weird shade of yellow (the photo isn’t altered for color) that I’m sure didn’t come from a natural lemon. It tasted OK and hopefully the natural fruit and veggies cancelled out the yellow chicken. 😉 We wandered the mall for a bit after lunch and had a blast this afternoon. It was a great start to September.

Speaking of September, a new month means new workouts for both of us. I kicked off the month by changing mine up this morning with a new leg workout. I also posted a new monthly challenge for you with workouts and a healthy habit to try out. I kicked your workouts up a notch this month to push you out of your comfort zone. Not only is it important to change your workouts every few weeks, but also to push your limits.

Are you up to the challenge? I’d love to hear what you think. Drop on over to Facebook and let me know how you’re doing.

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