It’s Time To Get Off The Path And Explore

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Even Happier QuestHave you gotten serious about playing this week? The Kid and I have. We did a great job during our first week’s attempt. I started working out in the mornings or at lunch to give me extra time in the evenings. We managed to squeeze in a high school musical, dinner with friends, and a shopping adventure. All three would have been enough to make me happy but all of them combined was beyond great!

I also managed to not clean the house this weekend which gave us extra time to explore downtown Dallas. I did vacuum the house so it wasn’t a 100% success, but I usually clean top to bottom so just vacuuming was huge progress. We plan to continue playing around this week.

The next task to tackle to Be Serious About Play is to Go Off The Path. New people, new scenery, new interests, unexpected happenings. All of these things get your creative energy going and can lead to happiness. I’m very much a creature of habit as you’ve probably gathered from my posts. Same bat time, same bat channel. Day after day.

BUT when I do venture outside my comfort zone (sometimes kicking and screaming), it usually turns out pretty awesome and ends with a smile. As part of this task, I’m planning a vacation for me and The Kid. We haven’t been anywhere in years that required an overnight stay. We’ve done road trips but no official vacation. I decided to book a weekend trip for us somewhere.

Actually it’s bigger than that. I’m aiming high and hoping to plan a weekend trip every month for us. I’m not sure if I can manage the monthly part yet, but the goal is written and it’s something to aim for. I’ve emailed the dog sitter to put her on alert that she’ll be needed and I’m googling like crazy to pick the destination. Any ideas for me?

I’m also going to be on the lookout this week for chances to try something new. A new way to drive to work, a new food to try, new magazine to read, talk to someone while standing in line. Push outside my comfort zone and get off my path. The new road will lead to some adventures and maybe to happiness.

Are you a creature of habit or do you fully embrace change?

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